McPlant: My Review

When it comes to vegan food it is in a very weird place that is hard to explain but from what I see the McPlant isn’t designed for people who are vegans but rather people who want to cut down on the amount of meat that they eat should it be for environmental or ethical reasons.

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Sonic Origins: My Review

Ah, Sonic Origins a game that was first shown to the public didn’t even have footage of the remastered Sonic 3 which I suppose was a sign of things to come. Sonic Origins is a collection of remasters of Sonic, Sonic CD, Sonic 2 and Sonic 3 & Knuckles using the engine used to create Sonic Mania.

The remasters are releases of the Android versions with Sonic 3 and Knuckles being the only new remaster. There are a few things I will get into with this review ision but one thing I will say before I get onto the gameplay is just how clearly rushed this port is. The menus used for each game that clearly from their original port and no time was spent making a uniform design and options.

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Thirty-mile commute on an e-bike

close up of arrow symbol on road

I am sure if you have read Tweaked for your Pleasure for many years you will know both the following:

  • I love riding a motorbike
  • I love cycling
close up of arrow symbol on road
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With this in mind, plus the fact I need to lose a lot more weight – I am 160Kg as of writing this! – I have decided to try commuting to my workplace only by cycling. Back many years ago and I am talking about a long time I used to ride the same route on a single-gear bicycle. This time I am going to be using my Sheng Milo MX02S to do this and will be doing it three times a week.

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The Forest: My Review

Ah, The Forest is a game that took me ages to play although it was requested ages ago with a few people to play it together and it took me ages to wait until it went on sale before I bought it.

Originally I was going to record this for Playing Games with Snat but it did not work out for some reason I would like to thank Dianna, Kim and an unnamed person for playing this from start to end.

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Pay it forward sucks

When it comes to the culture of the United Kingdom they tend to be an “America Lite” and import annoying things that don’t go anywhere such as tipping but one thing I am noticing lately is the “pay it forward” queue.

For those that do not know and you likely won’t it is when someone goes to a store and buys something and then say that they are buying for the person behind them who is then expected to buy for the person behind them and thus forming a chain and it sucks.

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