You ain’t making up my mind

It will not be of any surprise to people that I enjoy KFC and although I will not go out of my way to get it, should I be passing by it that it is quite often I will pop in to have something. For those that may not know KFC is a fried chicken fast food takeaway and like many other takeaways quite often you will find they have new things on the menu, special deals etc, and like every single other takeaway, these menus are placed right behind the person or next to the till.

With this in mind, and for anyone that works in retail this may surprise you, but if I am standing far back looking at the menu it is normally because I have yet to decide what I am buying and thus you should not really be yelling “NEXT PLEASE” or look pissed that I am not walking over to order – you are getting paid the same regardless if I have ordered yet or not.

Seriously I get it is a fast food takeaway and I understand that you may want to deliver food as fast as possible but really just wait until I am ready to order, okay?

On a side note about KFC, I outright love using their self-service but why the heck am I not able to order online from half the different places? Imagine being able to whack out your food, put our order in and then going to eat in with it being “ready” for you by the time you get there.

Catch up with the times as if you don’t the billion of other chicken places next to you will do.


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