Sonic Generations: My Review

It is not that normal that I do game reviews but when a good game comes out that I actually enjoy, it is always worth a little time in doing a review for it and for once, a modern Sonic game is actually worth doing a review.

As I am sure you may know, Sonic fans lately has been annoyed at Sega because of random little things like in Sonic 4 if you rolled and did not hold right or left you would stop rolling and all that, that Sega decided to release a game that would please both and it seems they may have done it (this review does NOT include the Nintendo 3DS version, I have no interest in trying that one out).

The idea behind the game is you play as both the modern sonic (right on the picture) and the classic sonic (on the left) and complete the game by playing many levels from old Sonic games in both a 2D and 3D view although I use 2D lightly while you fight two evil scientist.

During the game you get to fight some rivals, play mini quests, fight two evil scientists and all that but one thing I am again happy that Super Sonic is again playable (The Yellow Hedgehog is back). While the game itself is short, at least once again like Sonic 2 you are able to mess around as Super Sonic flying about the levels trying to see if you eyes can keep up with him.

So overall is the game worth getting ?

Well, while it is a fancy remake of the old games that it does bring many of the old classic feels back which many of the older Sonic fans would remember while bringing in the new feel of the modern Sonic games. So yes, it is worth getting if you got the cash to spare and if you do, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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