It’s okay to lose weight

I am one of the first people to understand that it is okay to be overweight as long as you are willing to accept the health issues that come with it there is no shame in being overweight and anyone who tells you otherwise are people you do not want to associate yourself with but it is also okay to want to lose that weight.

I don’t hate my body, nor do I hate myself but I want to lose weight lately I have had people outright accuse me of fatphobia and that I should just be happy with who I am which I am but there are many reasons to want to lose weight and while it isn’t a reason for myself – even wanting to look “good” is valid enough.

When I started to lose weight I had double goals in mind and they are quite simple and I am going to go over them now.

Cheaper Clothes

Yep. Being overweight is insanely costly when it comes to clothes and it sucks. I am a massive fan of wearing suits and one I want to get my hands on is the XSuit and guess what? It cost a heck of a lot for my size and it sucks. You will also find in-store clothing that is on sale or on offer and you will rarely find larger-sized clothing and thus often have to order it online.

It also means I am unable to often buy gimmick clothing such as suit pyjamas from How I Met Your Mother as often things like this will not be available for larger sizes.

Ride Further

Cycling is something I have always enjoyed and if you read Tweaked for Your Pleasure often you will know I have an electric bike and losing weight allows me to go even further on it. The bike right now can get me to a village or two nearby but I want to be able to cycle for hours and losing weight helps me to do this.

It also allows me to ride a motorbike again without too much worry and not having to buy a scooter.

Controlling my life

Now this is the last reason and one I imagine will start to look vain but it allows me to do whatever I so, please. I am not interested in dating but if I wanted to do so it allows me to do it far more easily. It allows me to travel to another country cheaper and not have to buy a seat upgrade, it allows me to go on sudden hikes with friends and so much more.

Being overweight, and while you can be healthy, does come with drawbacks and honestly, it is okay to want to get rid of them. If you want to lose weight to feel better about yourself, go for it as the reasoning doesn’t matter and only how you feel as said at the start it works the other way as well and if you are okay with yourself you don’t need to change that but don’t bring down people that do.

Even comments such as trying to force people to eat more than they used to, or laugh when they order a smaller amount of food and such are bringing them down and I imagine should someone try to do the same but the other way around you would feel insulted or offended.

I will say it one more time for everyone in the back:


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