Didn’t know the Government was in that much debt

I got an “interesting” e-mail today from my brother saying something to do with what is happening in the news lately or something about education. It made me think, what the fuck. Basically, in the past, you went to school and had a right to free education and if you fucked about, you were punished.

Then someone bitches about human rights, child abuse etc and then it changed from all that to stuff like “detection” etc. Then someone moaned about that and then it changed to “time out step” which then got moaned about as it singled out children which they claimed “wasn’t right” etc. Well, seeing the Government couldn’t do anything to the children why not go to the next best thing – the parents?

Yes, that is right. The parents. So no longer are children to blame, it is the parents. There is a new law that is planned to be passed in the commons that the parents have to sign a contract with the school headmaster that if their child misbehaves then the parents can be taken to court and be fined or forced to take parenting lessons or jail.


So let me get this right. The main idea behind this is that if the child is causing problems, charge the parents or send them to jail. Dunno what happens to the children when the parents go to jail but I figure it goes something like this. Let’s say that the child’s name is Mike his parents sent them to jail

Kid 1: “HAHA, your parents was sent to jail. You are all fucking alone and it is all because of you”

Mike: “Stop it”

Kid 1: “Or what, you going to call your parents?”

Mike: *Hits the kid because of it*

Headteacher contacts the jail and the parents are re-sent to court.

Judge: We are sorry, but we are going to have to remove your balls.

Really, how is sending them to jail going to help? All it will do is cause the child to play up more and then don’t forget if the child has any brothers or sisters. Then what about fining them? Well, let’s guess that the parents are poor (ya, I don’t see this happening to the “upper class”). They have little money to pay for food, child care etc and then the child gets into problems and then blam, a fine. Poor Mike, he won’t be able to eat for a bit.

Seeing the fine would either not be paid and go to jail or pay up and don’t eat. Then again, I am sure jail food isn’t bad nowadays, I am sure someone bitched before about it and got it all changed. And parenting class?

I don’t see how that works. If the parents work, they can’t afford time away to go to the lessons and if they are in the evenings, who looks after the children? Do you know what would be better if a child plays up according to the Government’s new laws?

Nothing. Allow it to go back to the old days when children respected adults and others. Back in those days, children respect others and they all grow up happy and held hands … okay that is a lie. It was the same then as it is now.

Need to reference?

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