My child is special!

Please ... be quiet

Please … be quiet

Its a simple fact of life that biologically most people are able to have children and in our modern society for those that want children but unable to do so naturally could adopt a child (although I will not go into the fact most people want babies and leave actual children to stay in the care system) but society needs to learn that not everyone wants children and even more so not everyone think children are all that special. 

I’m not sure if it is because parents desperately want social validation from other parents that they did the right thing or that they are having the perfect life according to the life script but trust me when I say there are people that do not want to hear about it.

It does not matter if you believe your child is unique because they did something or whatever – just stop trying to shove it down people’s throats if they are not interested in it. We know to you that children are your world but to the rest of us, they ain’t. While I do understand you want to show off your child but you do not need to post it every single hour on social networks and even tag people – the ones that want to know your child will stay in touch.

The thing is I doubt there is anyone here or at least those that read Tweaked for your Pleasure that doesn’t understand that most parents will love their children but really you do not need to bother everyone else about it unless they actually want to hear it. Not only is it annoying but it can also be outright insensitive to some people. Trust me if you really do have a great time with your children you do not need to seek out validation from other people on social media.

So seriously slow down on the posting twenty-four seven about posting pictures of your children and documenting everything – for both those on Facebook and your child in eighteen years.

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