It’s okay to embarrass yourself

Cast yourself back to when you were a young child and think to yourself for a couple of minutes about what you were doing back then. You might have been learning BASIC, riding a bike, dancing, singing or much more and you might have been good at it but good chance you were just embarrassing yourself and that’s okay.

When we were children embarrassing ourselves meant nothing and in doing so we learnt a lot of new skills and qualities about ourselves that carry on to the rest of our life such as learning to ride a bicycle while smashing head first into a fence has turned into riding motorcycles and adapting to gliding along on an electric bicycle and remembering just how fun it is.

People don’t try learning new things because of that feeling they will embarrass themselves but when you think like a child you will find no one cares and that you could have so much enjoyment in learning something new that opens up a whole new world to you. Take learning Arabic, for example, no one cares if you fail to say stuff right and many are happy for others to learn about their culture, hobbies and much more and only a few people will act as “gatekeepers”.

Imagine what you can gain from learning a new language. You can read new books, watch different films as intended involve yourself in other cultures and much more and all it takes is to try. Imagine the same with learning how to ride a bike. You would be able to travel in one of the most eco-friendly ways, meet new people and much more and all it takes is to just get out there and stop caring about what other people think about you and just do what a child would do – stop giving a fuck and have some fun.

Need to reference?

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