Public Transport: For when you want to get pissed off

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So many years ago (too lazy to research) the HM Government brought in a public bus transport and other transport systems so that the whole public can get around the whole country such as going to work, college and so fore, for a fee of course.

Before I get onto the actual rant, I am just going to talk about the most useless transport in England – The London Underground. Fuck sake is all I can say about that. Basically what you do is get a ticket and you can go to another station and at times you have to keep switching undergrounds to get to where you want to go.

But taking into what I want to talk about. The public buses are not bad. For £4.20 you can get to town and back. As some of you may know, I live pretty much in the middle of nowhere and well other than my transport the bus is pretty much the only way to get anywhere.

So just picture it for a few minutes. A bus that comes to a random village in the middle of nowhere that for quite a few is the only way to get somewhere. Well, this bus is not a direct bus and it goes through every single other town known to man before it gets to where you want to go. Yesterday, I went to Grantham and I was using the public bus and due to a blocked road, it had to go down the A1. I was quite happy as it pulled up to the road right to the village I lived in.

I was really happy, it was about to drop me off early. But basically, the following chat happened which then made the bus driver turn around right before it got to the village where I live.

Bitchy old women: NO, I can not allow this. We CAN NOT drop off here first. I need to go home before we go here.

Bus Driver:

True story & quotes

After it turned around, it went back up the A1 and then dropped everyone else off. After a while, it finally returned to the village I lived in and dropped me outside my house (yes, there is a bus stop right outside where I live).

Finally, I got home and at that time Missy just looked up at me and thought – “Fuck it, he is back”. On a side note, they decided to cancel two buses to where I live. Great. I hate public transport

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