Sonic The Hedgehog: My Review

This article has spoilers. If you click this link you can not blame me for it. Seriously.

TL;DR: I expected to go in and watch an alright film with Jim Carrey enjoying himself and having a few laughs but I did not expect such a great film.

Sonic the Hedgehog, or the blue blur, is a video game character I doubt anyone reading this will not know about and like everything else a movie had to be made about them after a badly created OVA and this film delivers what it promises.

Let us talk about Sonic to start with. Originally his design sucked and I think if they kept that same design the film would have felt completely different but with the final design being released you did feel like Tom (the police officer) was travelling around with a hyperactive child that tries to break everything, experience everything and overall just wants to make a friend and be accepted by people – something I think many could relate to when they were a child. The animation was well done, the voice work was lovely and overall felt like Sonic.

Dr Ivo Robotnik was another character that the Internet went insane over with his design and was worried about Jim Carrey playing him but in the end, we got a lonely scientist that could not bond with anyone and turned to robotics to prefill that need and it does work. Jim Carrey’s Eggman comes across as a person who has always been by themselves and cares little about social interactions and customs and slowly becomes more and more insane as he loses over and over again with something he feels is far under him.

I will leave the rest of the characters for you to watch yourself as I do not want to ruin the overall plot but with the good comes the bad. The story itself is quite simple but honestly, it is a children’s film about an evil guy trying to beat up a good guy with the Government being hush-hush about stuff while tossing in a ton of Sonic and SEGA throwback for the older fans and to the horrors … the Sonic memes which admittingly did get a few chuckles from me.

The film score could honestly have used a few more Sonic soundtracks but the ones that were used was done tastefully and weren’t just pushed in for the sake of it but I am still annoyed that Open your Heart was NOT used for that one scene for a battle that lasted around the same amount of time as that vocal track. Oh, and if you like Sonic Manic’s music you will be in for a treat!

If you have been thinking about seeing this movie, are a fan of Sonic or just looking for a family-friendly film I would recommend seeing this. Both Sonic and Dr Robotnik bring the action, the comedy and how two people who are both alone can go down two very different paths with that hint of sadness.

Would I say this film is outright amazing and the best film ever? No. Would I say this is a great film you need to see today? No. Would I say it is a good film that you will smile about at the end and enjoy watching it? Indeed.

I look forward to the sequel and thank fuck my favourite character in the whole series did not turn out like the original Sonic and that retro-style credit was quite a take on the movie.

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