GeekRack – Uk2Web – Ahh Fuck it

I am pretty sure that most of you don’t even know what the title means and I ain’t surprised but GeekRack was a web host that disappeared with all of its client’s money and ultimately data and then left them to deal with the shit she created.

The owner was someone called Shequeita and I wouldn’t be surprised if she started another web host someday (Or even have) but this post ain’t about attacking GeekRack (I am pretty sure a few seconds of Google Search will tell you enough) about Uk2Web (

As of posting this (As of this edit, they now have another page saying that they download the template for free) they are using the same template as GeekRack but ultimately, they seem to even be using the same client database and even forum database that GeekRack used. When checking the forum, even the login page goes to (As of this edit, the forum ain’t online, what a surprise).

Now, the question is this the same person running the web host that screwed many people over or is this someone who honestly “somehow” uses the same database and such.

Everything below this is now an addon about this. Post bumped

It seems that the web designer sold everything to this person, even the database. I am pretty sure this will raise many legal issues about this and what will happen to the designer. I wonder what happens if I went around posting that this new “company” has access to GeekRack data, I wonder how long it would last for.

Looking back at the old post, I found something fishy. It seems that the designer sold the design & database, yet UK2WEB claims that it was downloaded free of the internet. Honestly, I wouldn’t go near this new company, at least not before it explains everything.

I will keep this post updated when news comes.

Need to reference?

Ellis, M. (2008). GeekRack – Uk2Web – Ahh Fuck it. [online] Snat's Narratives & Tales. Available at: [Accessed 02 Dec 2023].

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