Why a “card phone” is surprisingly a good idea.

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When I first heard about Palm creating a “companion” phone that was designed to work with your main phone I could not help but laugh at the idea as after all if you have your phone in your pocket then why do you care about having another phone on you?

Well, I said the same originally but honestly, after using the Ytesky Qmart Q1 for quite some time now I am actually for the idea. For anyone that read Tweaked for your Pleasure, I think it is safe to assume you likely use your mobile phone to send an email, send a few messages on Discord, play a few games and such and not use the mobile as a phone “that” much and that is fine, that is just the evolution of mobile phones.

It is this idea why the idea of a companion phone makes sense at least in future when they get even smaller to the point you can just slip it into a credit cardholder. The reason I say this is on a modern phone battery life is still quite bad and after you have done everything you want to do on it it is possible that you no longer have the battery life to keep it online which is something a secondary “companion” phone deals with as long as it stays tiny.

This secondary companion phone simply stays as just a tiny device that allows you to make a call and a text message. In a way it may be better to say that current smartphones are nowadays just tiny hand-held computers that just happen to make a phone call and that is something I found so useful with the Ytesky Qmart – I was able to keep using my phone for what I use it for and not worry about having battery power in case someone needs to try and speak to me.

I do not yet see the idea of a companion phone becoming commonplace as I do find the overall size still quite large for what it is but the second a credit size mobile phone goes makes its way to the market I would recommend everyone who has t smartphone to get one and just toss it with your credit cards, driving licence or whatever and don’t worry about your smartphone running out of juice.

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