Earning loads with Google Adsense

Lately, I have seen many people lately asking how they are able to make “a couple of thousands” with Google Adsense. Then I see these same people then asking how come they are not making anything with Google Adsense and well, I am going to chat for a few minutes about Google Adsense for those that may have found this article.

Firstly Google Adsense is not and never has been a method to get quick rich by simply just placing adverts on a website and expecting the money to start rolling in. There is a few key things you need to do before you can even think about earning anything from Google Adsense.

1. Traffic

The first major thing is simply traffic. Do not expect a website with little traffic to even have a shot at earning anything beyond a couple of pennies a month. Ideally, you want to have two types of traffic. The first type of traffic you want is repeated traffic.

While repeated traffic is great, people who often visit a website slowly become used to the adverts on a webpage and typically avoid looking at them and thus ultimately avoid clicking them. This type of traffic is good for getting a high amount of traffic but not so good for making an income from them.

The next type of traffic is new visitors and this is the one who is more likely to look at adverts. You will get this traffic from backlinks from other websites and search engines. To get backlinks from other websites you will need good content which people will naturally link to (although in this modern-day, people seem to be much less likely to link to people) or send your links to websites without spamming. How to do that, I will leave you to search for yourself.

2. Content

This is what I feel is the key most important thing in the thing. There are two parts to the content. The first is writing things that people will actually read, want to read, read again and will come back to read more.

The second part is writing content with the advert in mind. What I mean by this is writing using keywords that relate to what you are writing about. So in your writing, you will use high-paying keywords that Google Adsense is likely to pick up and based your adverts around.

Overall however the first type of content is the single most important part. Do not write solely with making money in mind or you will be writing content that people are not interested in and would be just wasting your time.


So to sum everything up. If you are expecting to make money with Google Adsense or any other form of adverts first you will need good content that people will enjoy and people would read over and over.

Once you have done this you then want to focus on getting your website known. Once your website is known and only if you get loads of traffic you can then look at putting Google Adsense on it and starting to make some money.

Google Adsense is and never has been a quick rich and involves you having to spend time every day of every week. In other words – do not think you will make loads of money in a few days with Google Adsense – expect years to see an income from it that you can rely on.

So please stop asking now.

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