Farewell Lilibet

As much as I do not give a single fuck about the Royal Family not many people can deny that our late Queen was a great person, a spokesperson you could be proud to be Her Majesty the Queen, Elizabeth II was a boon to the United Kingdom and she will be missed by many.

Queen Elizabeth to many did feel like the nation’s grandmother and I do kinda get that. I still remember when I met her and her daughter and they both were lovely people. While I do not think anyone here can deny that the Queen died the day her husband did, none here can deny that she was very dedicated to her promise to the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth.

While I won’t mourn nor do I doubt many people here will let us not forget that the Queen lived a full and long life. She found herself a partner that she spent around seventy years together and even to her final days she put others in front. Not many people can say that about themselves.

Although life will go on and I do hope that with her passing the people of the United Kingdom will start discussing again a republic and removing the Royal Family, may Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II rest in peace.

It will be interesting to see what Charles will have to face in future. Will he see Scotland break away from the United Kingdom, will he see civil revolts or will he see things come together?

While I will be writing about my opinion and such on becoming a republic in the future but for today let us remember what she did for the world and let us not blame Boris and Liz for meeting her last and breaking her spirit.

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