Pacific Rim: My Review

Pacific Rim

A film about giant robots beating up aliens … and it worked.

When I first heard about this film from my brother I originally thought it would be okay at best and surprisingly the film surprised me on how good it was. The film is about a “war” that is happening between humanity and what they call “Kaiju”.

When people first fight them they basically go all out and although they win they learn they need to create a new weapon and this weapon, the Jaeger, is what the film is about – a bunch of Jaegers and Kaiju beating each other up and to cancel the up and coming apocalypse of humanity.

So without any further detail – the review itself. I will be reviewing the story and the action as it is an action film (and well the sci-fi is what you would expect from a film with a large budget).


If anything else looks like Enclave power armour I am going to shoot someone.
Fuck ya, no one famous.

The story is very simple and spoiler time a little. So there is a man called Raleigh Becket who is a very good Jaeger pilot but one day he fought against one of these aliens and his co-pilot gets ripped right out the Jaeger and well lets just say he is not in the sequel. Having witness this and feeling his last thoughts (won’t go into it much but basically their mind “synchronize” with each other and the machine when they drive a Jaeger so the two pilots share everything in their brains).

Due to this he decides to leave the program and then the United Nations decided to scrap the project and build a massive wall (yes really because that would so work). However the project lives on with ancient models and this is where it kicks off and the spoiler ends.

Now if you seen the trailers and think it is just a robot / alien fighting thing then I would recommend you to get that out of your head now. The film itself much more on the real human side of it and the emotions they go through although there is a lot of action in it (not just with fighting the aliens). Story wise you can expect a typical lets save the world plot although they focus more on the people then the overall “lets save everyone”.


Rather fight a Deathclaw right now, at least we got the armour.
… brush your teeth mate.

I am sure I do not need to say this but this film has a hell of a lot of action. Firstly you will see a bit of fighting going on between humans for reasons I will not explain but you get a mixture of martial arts, street fighting, rioting and a lot of running around.

You then get to see a bunch of robots fighting with a whole range of weapons against aliens who, for once, can actually fight back and hold their own!

You can also expect to see some action about the civilians as they escape from the battle field with very good success and further action as you can see the scientist as they fight between each other who is correct and take it further to prove who is right (you would need to watch it to see what I mean by that one).

Now I am not going to talk about the special effects behind it all – it’s Hollywood – you would expect it to be good.


... whoops wrong turn.
… whoops wrong turn.

Well, there is not much more I can say about it. What you can expect to see is a film where humans are trying whatever they can to stay alive against aliens that just keep getting bigger, faster and pissed off.

The acting itself is nothing to cry home about but its does the job. You do get to see the experiences they go through from when they first bring out the Jaegers and as they grow to become legends … to when the same legendary Jaegers get tossed aside by the aliens as if it is some type of toy.

Action wise you can expect a hell of a lot of it and as I said before the trailer really got it wrong – it isn’t a film just about robots and aliens fighting – it’s a film about humans as they try to do everything they can to survive and how capitalism can turn a quick profit when shit hits the fan.

It is very rare for me to say this but if you listen to my opinion to the letter then I would recommend you to go and see this film – it is a must see and this is coming from a person that had a very low expectation of the film.

Overall Score: 8/10

Snat’s Score

Plot: 9/10 – Acting: 7/10 – Music: 9/10 – Environment: 10/10 – Re-watchable: Yes

Need to reference?

Ellis, M. (2013). Pacific Rim: My Review. [online] Snat's Narratives & Tales. Available at: [Accessed 25 May 2024].

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A film about giant robots beating up aliens … and it worked. When I first heard about this film from my brother I originally thought it would be okay at best and surprisingly the film surprised me on how good it was. The film is about a “war” that is happening between humanity and what ... Read more

5 thoughts on “Pacific Rim: My Review”

  1. Fucking brilliant movie

    Enough said.

    Best Quote (Roughly)

    TV News Reporter – “The wall was penetrated with such ease and provided no protection at all against the Kaiju”

    Worker building wall – “Why the fuck am I working on this wall then”

  2. I don’t get it why in all alien movies the aliens attack……. it is the humans who want to destruct and kill everything! Bet the real aliens are not about that at all…….. proof… we haven’t been attacked yet and I am pretty sure that they are all around us 🙂

    • There are many films where humans attack aliens – Starship Troopers.

      And besides there is quite a few reasons aliens unlikely would ever attack us and that’s two – environment and laws of physics. The fact it takes millions of years to even get anywhere in space that might have life and the amount of resources that would take would hardly be worth the effect just to attack a different planet in a different solar system.

      Until there is proof our laws of physics is wrong, there is hardly any reason to assume its wrong and if we are right about it – even aliens won’t be able to do it. And even if they could, why would you attack another planet beyond just wanting too. There would be no point to attack for resources – you could just go to any other planet without life and get it from there.

      The only reason they would want to attack us is simply because they want too. This is going on the logic aliens are not on the planet, no matter how good the Government is at hiding things – someone will always talk.

      And if they are here and the Government does not know then yay, more people not paying taxes.

  3. This film has to be watched and as everyone says who has watched and reviewed the film dont let the trailers fool you.


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