You can’t speak like that

Another day, yet another person that is moaning at me deciding that the way I speak to people is not what I should be saying to people. Better yet, they say that it is how I should speak to their children. While the background of this is highly one that can be debated (such as the nature of this blog post), but it made me wonder. Just what are you allowed to say to people?

If somebody swore to me such as saying fuck or shit, it would not bother me. I do not see them as insults or words that should not be used. It is all due to the way it is being used. For example, if somebody said they had a shitty day or they are fucking annoyed then that alone does not harm anyone does it?

Also, in modern-day English, we have changed the meaning of many words and curse words are one of them that has also been changed. Curse words do not mean the same as they do anymore. Such an example is fuck. That does not even originally mean a word to curse people. It was used as a word within the King. The next part of my debate is how you decide whom you should be able to say it to.

  • Can you say it to children?
  • Can you say it to an adult?
  • Can you say it to the queen?
  • Can you say it to the US President?
  • Princes, Lords, Common men, hippies?
  • .. terrorists?

The answer to that is all of them. I can say a curse word in front of the queen and I am allowed to. However, the queen may not agree with it. The Queen might have been raised not to say such words and if that is the case, then the Queen would not do it and would expect the same from the person she was speaking to. In this case, it comes down to ethics and morals. Ultimately, we can say what we wish depending on what our morals & ethics allow us to. Our ethics & morals are changed by our experiences in life, religion, other people and many other factors. Along with memories, it is they that make us who we are, so why would we bend our ethics and morals just because they did not match with someone else?

Morals & ethics are a very funny part of us that is not explained very well. Morals & Ethics are defined by what we learn and how we react to everything that we do in our lives. Everything you do in your life will shape your view of the world and what to do. If you saw a person that needed help, you only act on a few things. The first is often will endanger yourself. The next that you have time to do so. The next is based on your morals & ethics. So, let’s break that down.

There are only a few people in this world that would place others before themselves and the ones that do, often do it sadly only because they would have something to gain. Think about it for a minute.


Are you done thinking?

Well, answer this to me honestly. If you can honestly say to yourself that if you were given nothing in return, or even to lose something. Regardless of the outcome, either good or bad, you would honestly still stand up and place someone before you then you are either one of these two things. You are either a wonderful person or you are an idiot. You can choose which one you think you are, that is your choice but do think honestly.

Would you put someone else in front of you even if it meant that you would give up everything that you had? Keep the answer to yourself and look back at the paragraph I have written above.

The next part is time. You would work out if you had time to do so. Even the most helpful person might not have time to do something and when that happens, then they might not be able to do so. In that case, could you say they do not care?

The next one, and once again is morals & ethics. This means do you want to do it and if it is the right thing not to do. There is no right or wrong answer, nor should you change it. For this reason, why should someone change what they say to someone else just because it does not agree with them?

So, we get two different choices. Either, we change who we are just because or we do not and stay who we are. For anyone that might be wondering, this post was written because of a kid and his parent. He was swearing at me today and when I said oh, fuck, the mother started bitching saying that I can not swear to her child but yet it seems that she does not mind her child swearing at me?

Well, personally. I do not see swearing as a problem and if you swear at me, you will get the same reaction back.

Oh and to answer the question above. Yes, you can swear at terrorists!

Need to reference?

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