Just think like a child

Life throws at us many things such as problems, puzzles and many other things that we have to learn to deal with. There are many things in life that needs a great amount of logic to work out or alot of knowledge however logic and knowledge isn’t always enough. I have heard many times from people – “how do I keep my cool when I have to make choices” and this is my answer – I think like a child.

You may be thinking what the fuck but it has always worked for me. Children isn’t bothered by things such as politics, money and much more and when you ain’t bothered by something, the choices you make are no longer fueled by one gains, ones pride. When people grow up then their eyes are opened up to politics, war, terrorists, money and whatever else is out there. The world in a child’s ear that the world is pure, perfect and out there to explore.When someone who has “grown up” makes a choice, it is more often then not, a choice that will only be something that they gain something out of it. Could be a money gain, knowledge gain or an emotional gain but regardless of what they gain, it is still for themselves. For a child, very rarely do they see something for their own gain. I ain’t talking like a child wanting a new toy or something, I am talking about the actual world.

And the reasons are simple. Children won’t make their choices on ethics or morals for the reason children do not have any at all. Children will do whatever suits the best outcome not for themselves or for anyone else but just for the best outcome. Don’t believe me, then do this. Go and ask a child about politics – you won’t get an answer. Talk to a child about religion – you won’t get an answer. Sure, you may find some children that will but if you do, they are grown up, not children.

What I am trying to say is if you have a choice but can’t work out an answer then pick the outcome which could be best for all, not for yourself or for someone else. Just be like a child. I do and I have never reget any of my choices I have made and never will. If I am to be honest, I have leart much more from Cassie – an eight year old child then I would ever at a university, Shul, adults or any other group of people. Sure, some people won’t agree and fair enough. Some people like growing up but just know this – The choice is yours and always is and doesn’t belong to anyone else.

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