Let kids be kids

Kid don't care
Kid don’t care.

For anyone that is Catholic, raised in a Catholic family or follow major news outlets would likely have heard that the Holy Father (Pope Francis) said a few hours ago that it is horrible children are being taught that they are “able to choose their gender” and it may strike you as odd as the current Holy Father is quite progressive but honestly he is right.

Children at a young age can not, do not and will not be able to understand how they feel REGARDLESS how often people try to explain it to them and in doing so just pushes pressure onto them that they may otherwise disagree with later.

Children are more interested in playing with toys, playing games and being like their siblings rather than feeling they are a different gender – they are just doing what they want and it is society itself that is forcing them to “feel bad”. Confused?; Well take colours as an example. If a child wants to wear the colour pink he must be a girl inside or a homosexual in the eyes of people. On the other hand, if they want with girl toys they are also seen the same way – even if they just like the toys.

Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time I used to actually be young and I had a whole bunch of siblings – brothers and sisters just like a typical Irish family. My eldest sister was the one that used to look after me the most when my parents went out, she was the one that taught me how to ride a bike, interest in science upon a whole range of things and guess what – I used to enjoy playing with her with her old toys as well as toys that I had for me. I used to enjoy singing and was never that much into sports outside of martial arts. I used to enjoy playing with stuffed toys (I still have a few and still do buy some to this day) and yet I also enjoyed playing games you would expect a boy to play – shoot em up, etc.

Did I grow up feeling I am a female? No, I did not. Did I grow up as a homosexual? No, I did not. I grow up enjoying playing with my sister and the fancy toys that she had. Hell at that age most children do not even know about being a boy and a girl and I do find it funny that some people are happy to “pressure” them to feel the other gender or worst allow them to have gender changing operations when at that same age; parents and schools do not even explain what genitals are used for and what the differences are.

Its amazing how things do end up. I learnt a lot from my sister mostly about accepting people who they are, being caring (eh, some will debate that) upon other things and I do know a lot of people mistaken me for a female on online gaming and still do not believe it when proven and hell some people I know in real life believe I used to be a female but just imagine the pressure they could have caused when I was younger to “become to feel I’m a girl” just because it’s expected by society due to the things I used to do.

Society is the issue – it needs to grow up, understand and accepts that children just want to play games, learn and have fun and it doesn’t matter what they play. Do some when they are adults do feel they are a different gender or a homosexual when they grow up? Yes, they do and they should be supported with what lifestyle changes they want.

Just let them be kids – they do not know what they want at that age but you can be a part of a needed paradigm shift – that it doesn’t matter and people will grow up in the end into what they feel and that society no longer puts pressure upon children to decide something they can’t even begin to understand.

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