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In these modern ages that everyone and even their dog now has a website. Many of these takes the form of a web log much like this one, a forum, a simple HTML page (I figure we could throw in social network profiles as well) and that does bring out a slight issue – it is making the World Wide Web look like an unfinished, lazy job.

The reason I say this is quite often that people will start a website and it would never get finished without the intent of ever finishing it. Developing websites can take ages to do as first there is deciding what to do the website about, design, coding and things on those lines but what I am “moaning” at is people whom never maintenance their website after it has been developed.

Sure some websites content will barely ever change and I can think of quite a few examples which websites do not. I know it is quite harsh to define how good a company’s service by just looking at the copyright but trust me when I say people look at copyright footers a lot and if your copyright is something like 2008 on a business website then you can be sure that some, if not most, whom looks at that may wonder what else is not being updated. Most websites run PHP so is it really hard to use something like <?php echo date(‘Y’); ?> or heck if you are using Windows as for some reason you are being forced to use ASP due to a Desert Eagle forced your throat then you could use something like – <% Response.Write Year(now) %> so it really that hard to at least keep the footer up to date ?

For a personal website I can understand loosing interest in a website but if you have lost interest, is it really that hard to put up a notice saying this website is no longer actively being maintained or even see if anyone else would be interested in doing so. So many websites a year is lost due to this and it really can be quite sad when a website just falls into decay over the years and their website slowly and slowly stop working in newer browsers due to change of standards and just become a home for spam bots should they allow comments, replies and things like that.

I do know the pain of keeping a website on-line and running as quite a lot of my own time is spent on updating websites, development websites and basically just doing things with websites but really keep your website up to date, clean it up now such as deleting spam, do leave times and date when stuff updates and just make the World Wide Web a little bit of a more tidy place.

In other news, I have started to develop a PHP Tutorial site as most currently on-line are either very technical such as the main PHP site or very dumbed down. I am hoping to have a range of tutorials showing as many functions I can and having a weekly update with a small script that people could request for or submit to me – I haven’t decided yet.

I am aware “The Original Ricko” is interested in helping out but if anyone else knows PHP do contact me as the more hands, the better.

Thanks for reading! You may be interested in this …

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