Tweaked for your Viewing Pleasure returns

Tweaked for your Viewing Pleasure

Tweaked for your Viewing Pleasure

After quite a long delay with Tweaked for your Viewing Pleasure I am pleased to say it is now coming back although it will no longer be weekly as originally planned but “as and when”.

Tweaked for your Viewing Pleasure will be coming back in two forms – the reviews and the rants which both have their own style of editing and other things I am sure you do not care about.

For the reviews I will be carrying on as I normally have – just get something, whack it in front of the camera and then review it in a half arse way – much like how Dr Ashens does them which is what my reviews are influenced by. The next one though is the rants and honestly I figured I would go back to the original idea I had for them – allow people to give ideas!

So if you wish to give an idea for something to moan about … or discuss then please do contact me by using this form: Contact Snat (make sure to select “Idea for TFYVP Rant”) and then I will have a look and pick one randomly and see what I can do with it. If people do not give ideas though I am sure I can come up with a few rants involving the things that happens to me on pretty much an hourly basis.

So if you have any ideas do go ahead and contact me and I will decide from there. Be aware though I will say your name within the video so if you got a topic idea that border lines on racist or what not – use a fake name unless you actually do not mind.

On other news Playing Games with Snat is back on. While Final Fantasy XIII and The Walking Dead will need to be restarted, you should notice the rest of Dragonball Z: Legacy of Goku 2 and Final Fantasy VI Advance being finished.

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