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As you may know in the United States right now, corporations are currently fighting for the legal right to be able to censor the Internet at the DNS level for whatever reason they want to make up and regardless what you think – it is a real threat not only in the United States but Europe as well.

Imagine loading up YouTube so that you can watch some new videos from your favorite puppet singer only to find out that the person has been sent to prison, the site the owner had deleted all because a corporation lawyer saw the video and decided they did not like it that they could get it shut down. This is the future the United States is rapidly heading too and if it passes, expect it to fly right into the European Union “because it is the right thing to do”.

Currently in the United States a new law is currently being debated and could be voted upon any time soon which allows corporations to get “any” website pretty much removed without anyone actually deciding I said person is guilty or not – in other words the judges is over eager lawyers that would love nothing more than to extend their egos onto anything they do not like. Now do not get me wrong but illegal use usage of copyright material should be dealt with on a civil matter between the company and the person, but giving them legal power to remove any website without any form of trial is not the way.

Sure you may think it will not be bad as that, but it basically means any company that censor any website that speaks bad about them without anyone even knowing. Now if it passes in the United States or not is yet to be seen but it is a real actual threat to the free Internet. Now as most of my traffic is from Europe, I would advise you to contact the United States Congress (click the link below) and let them know to not give into corporations but also not to become like Iran or China else you will be seeing all this in Europe soon enough.

Want a corporation approved Internet on an Internet connection you have to pay to a corporation who never provides the actual speed they promise ?

Me neither, click here: American Censorship else above is what you will get.

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Ellis, M (2011) Corporation’s approved Internet. [online] Tweaked for your Pleasure. Available at: [Accessed 29 Nov 2020]
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