The problem with Sonic Origins

If there is a series I will likely enjoy regardless of the media, it will be Sonic the hedgehog, but I dislike how badly they handle Amy in the main series. and this is coming from someone who would say Amy is their favourite character.

You might be surprised at this and honestly, I wouldn’t blame you if you only know Amy from the game series1 as in most games she is just someone that runs after Sonic and nothing else. If you know Amy from the comic and anime/cartoon series you would know her as caring, empathic, refuses to give up and overall just very optimistic and cheerful (although can be somewhat aggressive).

So you may now be wondering why this matters and what this has to do with Sonic Origins and nothing more than it would have given Amy another shot with the audience. In the general community, Amy is seen as an annoying person with a terrible voice actor whose only purpose is to run after Sonic. By adding her to Sonic Origins, and I’ll skip over the people that say to respect the canon as Knuckles and Tails were added to Sonic 1, it would have exposed her in a more simple way where people could just focus on her gameplay. The animated shorts released with the game and Sonic Mania showcase the best parts about her but are quickly ignored when you start running around as Sonic.

By adding Amy to Sonic Origins they had a chance to showcase the best parts of Amy and push her to do a new era but it seems Sonic Team just wants to keep her as a “psychotic self-girlfriend” rather than a strong caring person who also happens to have a crush on Sonic. It does worry me about the future of her character when it comes to the likes of Sonic films when she is added she will simply be the person to be captured and rescued while just saying how great Sonic is …. kinda like Tails in the second film.

Overall it is a shame for Amy as she could be one of the best parts of the Sonic series rather than a token person kept around to say “hey, this game is for girls too” rather than someone who can stand her ground which can only happen if they give her a chance to shine once again.

I think this animated short from Sonic Team is a good example of what she could be.


1. Most people I imagine are only aware of the Mega Drives or Sonic Adventures 1 and 2, Heros etc and are not aware of the Advance games where Amy was playable and was done very well game-play-wise.

Need to reference?

Ellis, M. (2022). The problem with Sonic Origins. [online] Snat's Narratives & Tales. Available at: [Accessed 07 Dec 2023].

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