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Well seeing I now have a review section on Tweaked for your Pleasure that is out-of-the-way from people who do not like reading the news or reviews, I may as well write a few reviews now and then while I come up with avoiding writing rants.

So to start I am going to review a remake of my favourite game – Final Fantasy VI Advance.

Now for those following Playing Games with Snat, you will know that it is a remake of the original Super Nintendo game Final Fantasy VI (Final Fantasy III to those living in the United States although all future re-releases used the correct number). The game is about the Gestahlian Empire which has the power of Magitek and is slowly taking over the world until a young girl called Terra is freed from their control. Terra ends up in the group called The Returners who then goes on to protect their home, then to protect the Espers from the Empire until the world is destroyed and what happens after this I am not going to ruin for you.

The game has what you can expect from an RPG game such as random battles, side quests, exploring and other stuff but where Final Fantasy VI has always done best is the story. One of the things I am disappointed about though with the Gameboy Advance remake is the music. While the music is the same as the one of the original Super Nintendo, the music on the Gameboy Advance version sounds very bad. This was not due to the game itself but rather the physical limits of the hardware.

Now I could talk about Final Fantasy VI all day, but let’s talk about what is different. The first thing which is a bad thing is censorship. Final Fantasy VI Advance has been censored much like the original Japanese version due to Nintendo licensing. While these censors do not ruin the story, it does ruin the darker feel that Final Fantasy VI had compared to the other Final Fantasy games released as of today (we will see if Final Fantasy XIII-2 beats that record).

The following new thing is weapons. Final Fantasy VI Advance has quite a few new weapons and brings in an ultimate weapon for every character. Then there are some new espers, the odd new magic and also new places you can explore after you have completed the game as all newer Final Fantasy remakes tend to do.

So is it worth getting?

Well, that depends. If you already have Final Fantasy VI and are not annoyed by the translation errors then no not really. All you would be buying it just to be able to visit a few places. However, if you do not have any version of Final Fantasy VI, then the Final Fantasy VI Advance would be the way to go.

Need to reference?

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