Alcohol ≠ Fun

Surprise! You can have fun and not be drunk
You can have fun and not be drunk

There is a common disbelief that someone must be drinking alcohol to be a fun person to hang out with and if someone does not like alcohol then there is something wrong with them – even though the same people who say that never originally liked alcohol which comes to the question why?

Well, I can answer that one easily. First, most people will claim that alcohol is an acquired taste and thus keep saying you must keep drinking it before you will enjoy it. Well, why most people are like this is simple – they were “forced” by the power of peer pressure to do so believing the best way to have fun is simply just to keep drinking.

Well is there some truth to the matter? Well, ultimately there is some truth in it but in the way you think. The first is alcohol does help to “lose” some people although if they need that then they either do not want to be there or they are naturally not like that and do not want to be like that. The second is it gives you something to do when you are simply hanging around with people although the second one can easily be sorted by drinking anything else.

The main problem comes from the fact that there are a few people who think you need to be drinking to have “fun”  although I do have to say most of those that believe this does not have any hobbies outside of drinking.

Now I did originally think that this did not happen as much as I thought it did and with this, in mind, I figured I would ask around and see what other people advised and this is exactly what I was told.

… even I was a tad bit surprised by that reply. Thinking it was a one-off I asked others and again, it was the same reply. So rather not just drinking less they believed the BEST choice was simply to hide the amount you were drinking and then after the following was a few I was told.

  • Misplace your drink.
  • Order plain water or soda and say it was alcohol in it.
  • Avoid shots.
  • Excuse yourself when new drinks are offered.

So instead of telling people they do not want another drink, they would rather hide the amount they are drinking and sadly the reason is simple – peer pressure. They are pressured into drinking that much else they are deemed as not fun. They are not fun simply because they are not drinking is the same way saying I can beat the crap out of Superman Prime (One Million) on the core of the sun – not only would I be the raw chemicals that made me within less than microseconds should I somehow live Superman Prime would pretty much rape me on the spot.

The worst part is those people who do expect others to drink to be fun have often (and I have seen this), falling out with people who do not drink as much as they do or who used to drink and stopped. Just because someone does not drink that does not make them any different to who they once were.

So if you are out at a pub with some friends and you see one that does not want to drink or drink much, offer some water – no need for that person to be left out because they are not drinking you under the table … unless you are Irish then bully them all you want.

No, I am not being raped by Superman Prime. He is helping me find something ....

You did not expect me to draw that did you?

Need to reference?

Ellis, M. (2013). Alcohol ≠ Fun. [online] Snat's Narratives & Tales. Available at: [Accessed 07 Dec 2023].

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Wild Cat

Lol…. How does Superman come into this topic?

Drinking is no fun, it’s mostly dumb, people do stupid stuff when drunk then try to get out of feeling responsible blaming it on the drink…. Ridiculous!!!


To be fair, I barely remember writing this!