Google Workspace and Google Pay


Much like quite a few people, I signed up for Google Apps for Your Domains which then became Google Suite and then finally to Google Workspace as they started to remove users. I was moved to a plan called “G Suite legacy free edition” which I am still using to this day but like many others, I seem limited to what I can do.

One of these limitations is Google Pay and after doing some research I have found quite a few people claim it works and others say it doesn’t and every time I tried to change settings I was unable to get Google Wallet to work. With this in mind, this article is a guide on what you can try to get it working.

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How I do backups

Screenshot 20200708 170226.png

If there is one thing I will stress repeatedly to everyone is that it is very important to not only make backups but to also test those backups and today I thought I would go over how I do my backups for a couple of websites.

The first thing I will state is for personal websites I prefer to do these manually rather than automatically but each step is easy to automate and for the database side of things I do run a plugin that does that part. Without further delay let’s go into a bit of detail about how I manually make these backups and why I do it this way!

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