No one likes your crappy videos

Maybe I am just confused when it comes to Facebook and the many thousands of social networks that is out there but the idea of “like” is purely that when someone watched the video, they will decide that if they actually liked it, they may click the like button which then informs everyone else that s/he liked the video and not the like button being used purely as a marketing tool for videos that people otherwise would not watch in any form even if they was given the option of watching the Twilight saga.

A good way to get people to click awayNow I am sure we have all seen an example of this but if not, I am going to show you an example from the place I am sure all of my fans love, Wrights Productions. In case you do not know but the fan page for Wrights Productions require that you like their page before watching a video, before actually knowing if their videos is good or not (will add the Facebook fan page forces you too, not the website so likely a default setting but still a good example of it).

So on that very example to see something related to “Spice” I must actually become a fan of Wrights Productions before I can even judge if it is worth while even liking. While I do like most of Wrights Productions videos, this is something that is commonly used by just about most people today to drive up their “like” counter because that is all that matters when it comes to inflating their cyber penis … sorry, I mean ego.

Why is it so hard just to create good real videos and if people like it, allow them to offer to like it or whatever you actually want them to do or better yet – just actually create something people will want to share with their friends and all that crap.

Better yet but surely forcing people to like your crap is also bad for you. I am likely not the only person that if I find something that forces me to click a like button that I pop on Google and then search for one that does not force me to like it. And if I do not find it, I stop searching and then go back to whatever I was doing before you trying to force crap down my mouth.

Either start making good content people or pull the power cable from whatever you are using to connect to the Internet and see that there is actually a sky outside that window and it is real and going outside is not going to hurt you.

... or maybe it will.

Do you know anything worst then having to be forced to either watch these crappy like videos or the Twiilight saga. If so, comment below!

Need to reference?

Ellis, M. (2012). No one likes your crappy videos. [online] Snat's Narratives & Tales. Available at: [Accessed 05 Dec 2023].

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Forcing people to like my videos is a great way to get known. Oh I saw your videos are not doing so well so how is that going for you?

Oh and you draw like a little fucking child. Here lets do what a teacher should have done years ago.


Aww, did it take you long to come up with that reply?

Having searched a bit for you on the Internet, I see your YouTube videos often have comments saying you suck and all that and loads of down votes. How is the forced likes doing for people actually liking your videos?

… oh that’s right, not many do.