Remaster the master

Well it has been a few months from when I said to people on Tweaked for your Pleasure that I will be doing a contest and well, I have no idea what to do a contest about – until today!

In the past I was thinking of doing something like “who can comment the most” or “who can do X the most” and then I was thinking of something like “Try to work out what X means” and while the second one is very interesting, I have found many people simply are not able to work it out.

So I thought for some time what could be a fun contest which would both be interesting to see and would actually allow people to think but also for anyone to enter. With all this in mind I have decided to start a contest so welcome too….

Remaster the master in January 2012

The idea of the contest is very simply – all you do is take something I have written, reviewed or rant about and then change it in any way that makes it better than the original. So if you wanted to let say take any of my articles such as Zombies Apocalypse and then either do something like rewriting it, or heck even turning it into a video.

How you change it is purely up to you as long as it is related to the content that is found on Tweaked for your Pleasure. You have until the end of next month. Please send everything to me. So if you do an article, email it to me. If you make a video then upload it to somewhere like Rapidshare and then email it to me – you get the idea.

The winner will be picked by me, so go.



… oh what you want to know what the winner gets? Well the winner can have something up to £30 cash value I suppose.

The legal bit

Anything you make for this contest you agree NOT to publish it anywhere and that I have the full rights over whatever you create for the contest. You also agree that anything you enter I am allowed to publish and edit your creation in any way I wish – you will be credited for.

Anything you create for the contest MUST be clearly referred (such as text / link that says Original Article: Article Name – Tweaked for your Pleasure). Beyond using my content for this contest, you have no right to publish or edit my content in any way. You agree that everything created is to be sent to me only and never published anywhere else unless I agree in advance.

Thanks for reading! You may be interested in this …

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Need to quote me?

Ellis, M (2012) Remaster the master. [online] Tweaked for your Pleasure. Available at: [Accessed 17 May 2022]

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