McPlant: My Review

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When it comes to vegan food it is in a very weird place that is hard to explain but from what I see the McPlant isn’t designed for people who are vegans but rather people who want to cut down on the amount of meat that they eat should it be for environmental or ethical reasons.

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Chips & Cheese @ ASDA

The first of many reviews to come and this one comes from the massive wonderful supermarket chain known as ASDA. For those that do not know that quite a lot of the different ASDA supermarkets offers food which is done by a different company whom name escapes my mind right now. Nonetheless, I decided to … Read more

Is it Nice

... no it isn't.
… no it isn’t.

For anyone that joined my Facebook page may remember that quite a few years ago – way back in 2012 I seem to recall I started a small food related blog reviewing cheap and bad food.

Well for anyone that knows me well will know the blog never “really” kicked off that well and I never got around to updating as much as I would have liked too. 

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