Ask Snat

Published on 22nd January 2013 – 12 Shevat 5773. Last updated on January 21, 2019.

I am sure you are aware of the new “thing” going around on Tumblr which is basically a ask a question website (much like Ask a Jew), I am starting one up as I have been receiving a few questions lately that is now extending beyond my FAQ section.

If you wish to ask me a question then please do go over to Ask Snat and I will be more than happy to ignore you much like my contact form. Within a few weeks I will be removing the FAQ section and all questions will be over at Ask Snat simply so I can clean up the room used on the top of my website.

Do not post stupid questions though, I am not interested in providing your medical or technical advise unless it really do relate to this website in some way.

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