BurstNET: My Review

Cjb, Fasthost, The Hosting, Shacow, The Planet, Galaxy Solutions, Saidcom, Gretzkyhosting, FDCServers, DME Hosting and now BurstNET have joined the list of past web hosts/data centres that I have used over the years of Tweaked for your Pleasure life and this time I am going to write a little review on BurstNET.

Overall I would have to say my experience was good but there were some hiccups with their service for the price, they charge I don’t expect much else. So, for the review…


I will start that with BurstNET support seems to be quite varied. Overall BurstNET would tend to reply within 1 – 4 hours but there have been times when posting on Web Hosting Talk got them to reply faster than they normally would. Maybe it is because a BurstNET representative is on there and jumping your tickets up but I do not know why.

Support themselves seems to know what they are on about and seems to be able to fix things but once again due to their costs I would never expect them to help too much but from experience, they do try and help as much as they can. I would advise never to go with a reseller as from experience from the resellers of BurstNET I have used is that support will take longer and sometimes never get done. I would also advise people to get a remote reboot with BurstNET as reboots can take up to an hour or three from experience when dealing directly with BurstNET.

Overall, I would rate BurstNET support 4/5

Network & Speed

BurstNET is hosted in the United States and I have to say, their speed is not the best. Their network is not the fastest in the world but it ultimately does what it is there to do so I can not moan in that case. One thing I will say (once again from experience) is that the network at times has not been stable and seems to have attracted quite a few DDOS attacks during the time I have been hosted there.

Although I will say that this happens to all providers but mostly that the network at times is not stable but nearer to the end of my time there things has been better so there is very likely a improvement happening but once again I can not comment on this directly. Oh one thing I will say before I move on is quite a few packets fail to get to BurstNET at times.

Overall I would give BurstNET network and speed 3/5 but taking what you pay into the account, I would go with 4/5 again.


This was one of the key facts I went to BurstNET for. BurstNET is very cheap compared to other providers but the price you pay shows as another part such as support seems to be affected by cutbacks. On the other hand, lately, they seem to be picking up again. In relation to price, I would give them 5/5.


I would say BurstNET is a good provider but does have some shortfalls. Sure my experience was not always perfect and I have had the random suspensions even though I never got an e-mail from them but regardless I would say I had a good experience and I am sure others would have the same. The main reason I left them is because of the massive server failure I had for an unknown reason and I was planning to move to a cloud-based solution within months so it felt like a good time to do it.

So there you have it; another datacenter I say farewell too. For those wondering, I have moved over to VPS.NET and we will see within months if they are as good as I have been reading up on.

Until next time.

Need to reference?

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