Chippy paradox

“Bridge Fries” by justmakeit is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0 

Picture walking down the high street and look on the left-hand side and what do you see? Do you see a fish and chip shop that servers wonderful chips that always seem to be lovely? Now look to your right and what do you see? Do you see a place that sells fried chicken? Maybe KFC or somewhere that sells that weird SFC stuff?

Either one that you are picturing you may notice something – why the heck do both of them serve shitty versions of the other. I can not speak for everywhere but I know the local fish and chip shop nearby sells some weird chicken that seems to have been boiled and from what I see this is quite common across the United Kingdom and yet on the other side every fried chicken place I have gone to either serves “fries”, some weird horrible chips, or heck none at all.

Seriously why the heck can a major fish & chips chain not make an actual good fried chicken and why can’t a major chain like KFC make actual good chips? I would love someone here to tell me how hard it is to get a pressure fryer and make some good chicken in a chip shop. KFC already has a fryer so what is SO hard to just make some good old fashion chips.

I would personally invest in the first chicken place that actually makes a lovely set of chips with a lovely piece of chicken and not some weird hybrid crap that you are better of not having in the first place. Talking about fast food there is one place I outright hate is Subways and their pricing method.

Furthermore, why the heck doesn’t KFC allow mashed potatoes to be selected in exchange for their chips so you can pick an actual side as I doubt many people purposely would want to order chicken, chips and then mashed potatoes as a side rather than something like gravy.

In fact, I am starting to notice I seem to just hate fast food nowadays but seriously KFC just makes some decent chips.

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