Duke Nukem Forever: My Review

DNF As I am sure you have heard that last Friday a game was released which has been in development for around 12 years and that game is simply known as Duke Nukem: Forever.

Well this game finally seen the light of day but with the massive hype it got, is it any good. Well, this is my review of Duke Nukem: Forever.

The Review: Duke Nukem: Forever is a 1st person shooter based during a second alien invasion and carries on from the events from 12 years ago (Duke Nukem 3D). Game play wise, it does play well but just as long as you are not expecting to play the best shooter game you have ever played.

You see, due to hype, many people are mentally expecting this to “be the best game ever”� but it is not and if you are expecting it to be, you will be disappointed and likely than over look how good the game actually is.

Sure there is some things I would change such as removing the ego bar and replacing it back with health points, allowing more than two weapons at a time, actually being able to use “Duke’s Mighty Foot” and bringing back in keycards.

All the old weapons are�back with a few new weapons and all the old foes are back (I do not recall seeing any new ones though other than baby versions of the old ones). For those people who enjoy breaks from shooting, they have included many little side events such as RC Car driving, truck driving, poker, pinball, air hockey and more and they all do play well and are enjoyable (although if you are going for the PSN Trophies, you will have to play these events).

Now I know this is not really much of a review, but we are summing up now. If you liked the original Duke Nukem 3D, you will love this game and enjoy Duke’s one liners and all that as you are shooting aliens for drinking your beer all the way to being blasted out of the Hoover Dam.

If you did not like Duke Nukem 3D, move along. If you have not played it before then this game will be enjoyable as long as you do not compare it to other first person shooters.

That said, go and kick ass.

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