Never overlook the basics

I would imagine most people who is reading this website has a lot of technical knowledge when it comes to computers and I am sure you quite likely play games and if you play them on the PC I am sure you have, at times, suffered from frame rate problems.

Well I had this problem quite a lot lately with my system deciding to lag like hell during playing some games or video exporting (and if you are wondering, yes that is why they are being released very slowly) and I have looked into many reasons why and tried the following.

  • Updated operating system.
  • Updated drivers.
  • Removed anything not needed.
  • Clean the system.
  • Messed around with graphic card settings.
  • Re-sited CPU.

Well after that … it was still a massive problem and for the life of me I should not work out why. Anyhows after a few hours of playing Final Fantasy XIV my computer started making a loud noise and started slowing down. Now for any technical minds out there they would automatically tell me its the CPU under-clocking itself so it doesn’t get damaged and you would be right but fuck me I STILL could NOT find why it was happening.

So I was beaten and at this point, and although I do need one, I decided it might time to get a new PC seeing my old one is pretty “fucked” from just beyond his noise and over heating problem that I could not find.

Now I am sure you are wondering when I am going to cut to the point so here it is and the moral of he post – just because you know what you are doing you really should not over look the basics and someone else may actually have an insight that was useful.

You see my CPU was over heating and the reason for it was that my system needed a MASSIVE clean as the air vent that went directly near the CPU was completely blocked off to the point NOTHING could make it in or out. Amazingly my CPU did not cause a complete crash or die in a horrible fire but hey that’s my luck.

So yes to sum up and my advice for the day – really make sure to check things over before you do something and if someone tells you might be wrong – they may actually be right.

Anyhows time to get a new computer that can actually fit in a powerful GPU and PSU and not some mutant device although I think I may keep it for day-to-day computing.


Need to reference?

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