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This originally was going to be a video review showing me unboxing the monitor, connecting it, installing the drivers and then showing you how it works but then I thought how hard that actually would be hard and a boring video. If you are in a rush then here is the review summed up – it works very well as long as you are using the two USB cable provided.

So let’s get the technical stuff out-of-the-way first. As you have read in the title this is a 21.5″ – 1920×1080 monitor that runs purely from a USB cable (it is a Y spilt USB cable so actually uses two USB ports on your system) which is very light and allows you to easily add a second monitor to any system that use a spare USB port.

The respond time of the screen does seem to be around 5ms and overall works very well and I have been able to have TVCatchUp, YouTube and Magix Movie Edit Professional loaded on it and I never really noticed any issues in terms of the refresh rate after I plugged both USB ports in (if you use one, you will notice it quickly). For the sake of having a fair review and seeing from experience a lot of people I know gets second monitors are gamers; you will notice a slight delay if you are using this as the main monitor. That said I was able to play older games with no issues such as Command and Conquer and the issue only mainly came up with first person shooter games.

When I originally researched about this monitor people kept saying about a colour issue and after using it for some time I can honestly say I can not see the issue people are commenting on so really I am unable to say. The next thing though I will comment on is the monitor doesn’t come with any controls to change the brightness and settings like that but I have read there will be a firmware update for that coming “soon”.

The next thing is this monitor does not have any built-in audio but seeing most people will use this for a second monitor and that I doubt technically the bandwidth over the USB cable would also support audio, it is not a big problem.

And that is my review. If you are looking for a good second monitor to do things like office programs, emails, web browsing, videos and other light things then this monitor is perfect. If however you have a spare VGA, DVI or HDMI port on your computer I would advise to get a second monitor unless you actually have reason to run it over a USB cable like I did.

Overall I give it a 4/5 for the reasons and usage above. I will try and do a video review should I find out how.


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