Google Adsense Ready Websites – is it a scam?

I am pretty sure that as you are ready this blog post now that you might see the Google Adsense that I have on this site and that it says “Buy Google Adsense Ready Websites”. Google Adsense is a program in which you can make money but to do so you need a website to place adverts on.

Making a website is easy as all you need to do is get a content management system like WordPress, put some content on from some free articles sites and whack on your Google Adsense and then watch as people come to your website from search engines clicking your adverts which will then make you that promised millionaire!

If you know a little about SEO and how search engines don’t like duplicate content then you wouldn’t even think of doing the above. Let put it another way – a Google Adsense Ready Website is just the above but sometimes more automatic by stealing content people’s websites.

Now, all a Google Adsense Ready website is the same … without the content management system.

Search engines don’t like duplicate pages and they are removed from the search index quicker than you expect. Think about it, if no one is accessing your website from search engines then you ain’t going to get any money from Google Adsense – A waste of time if you think about it.

If you check the people who sells these sites, that they mass sell them for something like $5 for 100 pre-made Adsense Websites. Now lets look at the key word is that – “ready”. Now just think for a few seconds and think what does the word pre-made mean to you. To me it means something that is ready to be used or how The Free Dictionary defines it as:

In a suitable state for an activity, action, or situation; fully prepared: “are you ready, Carrie?”.

And how do you expect them to be ready? If you answered anything different then selling the same thing many times then you are wrong. Search Engines don’t like duplicate pages so do you think they like duplicate websites ?

Well, that is what you get with a Google Adsense Ready Website – A pre-made website that has free articles that has likely been used a million times. In fact, not all Google Adsense Ready Websites has even got that content legally. Some just rip it from other websites but they ain’t bother, they are not going to use it which comes to next point.

With the people who are selling Google Adsense Ready Websites, they promise that you can make over $1,000 a month or something along that line. If you think about it, that alone kinda makes you think second. If you could make over $1,000 a month then why ain’t they using it and keeping it for themselves or sell it for a lot more than$3 one-off fee.

As with everything else, there is another side to the coin. Lets pretend for a few seconds that the above works and that they are selling it for $3. Then perfect, we are making free money using Google Adsense but then you notice that you ain’t getting a lot. Welcome to the “How to trick a Newbie Scam”.

This scam works very easy. Basically, you buy a pre-made Google Adsense website and then upload it to your web host. This scam works by allowing the person to change the Google Adsense on the front page however all the links will point to someone else site (Often the seller). Not much good if all the traffic is going to someone else, is it?

So to sum it up. Pre-made Google Adsense websites are mostly uses content that has been used many times before and therefore don’t get index by search engines. In order to even get the traffic, you need to get back links.

If you are a person or company that sells Pre-Made Google Adsense Websites, please don’t bother posting a comment that says that you are completely different. Contact me and send me the actual script and I will decide for myself. There are some out there that are different but they don’t cost a meer $2.

Need to reference?

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