Guess what…

mines… I hate people who says this. Over the last few weeks I have noticed that most people I have chatted to over some form of communication have started a chat or have during the chat asked me to guess something which is quite random and I had little in the way of knowing what the hell that person meant.

One good example is this;

Guess what I did today !

How the hell do I know and even, why the hell should I even know unless I was involved at which time you would not even be asking me anyway. Sometimes I think I am at a fair or something when people keep telling me to guess something but the problem is, it is a game I can not win.

At a fair you often pay in order to guess at something such as how many balls are in a box or something simple like that. If you guess it right you win something like a teddy but if you get it wrong you just lost around 50p.

But no, when it comes to people asking you to guess something it turns into walking into a mine field … blind folded. High chances are during your life an insecure person will ask a random question that if wrong, will end up with inevitable shit that always follow – being moaned at or the person crying, being upset blah blah blah.

Take the follow example as a reason why these questions can turn into a game of pick up a mine, poking it a little and then throwing it in the air while jumping on other mines wearing a magnetic.

An insecure person comes up to you and says;

Hey try and guess my IQ.

You would then have a quick look at the person for any hints. Is the person holding a degree, holding a certification of IQ or even something that could help you think. Even if you saw a degree, that is not even any proof of IQ as many people can get a degree if they could actually afford the cost of one.

But I am sure you have noticed something. If you guess to low, this person will feel insecure. If you guess to high you have just given this person an over value of their own view which can upset the person at a later time if their over hyped thought turns out not to be true. So then you say something like this;

Oh don’t know, what.

The other person replies with;

Oh don’t be silly have a guess!

And that keeps repeating until either they give in and just tell you or feel insecure because you will not answer it which either way you lose. If you decide to have a guess and guess to low the shit happens. If you guess to high, the same shit just happens.

What you end up is with the other person end up being upset. And heck, I would rather just pay the 50p for the teddy in the first place as you can not win it any other way.

Need to reference?

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