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The problem with faster and faster Internet connections is that people have come to expect more and more images, audio and videos on websites that it has got to the point in which we webmasters have to spend more and more money on bandwidth !

While this is to be expected, it is quite a sad fact that these new content such as audio, videos etc do not really bring in much of an income so I am here today to give YOU some of the best tips in keeping your bandwidth down.


Images are one of the main reasons for such a high bandwidth usage. So what we do is make images smaller and compressed them and the user experience do not actually change. Below is a normal sized image and to the side is another image showing the image using my tips.

As you can see from the three images above, the image on the left is ideally the one we would love to publish. But due to bandwidth issues we have to go to the second image. As you can see the second image still is just to large to keep our bandwidth usage low so we go onto the last image.

The last image is just perfect as not only does it lower our bandwidth usage but it actually makes your user have to look so closely at the screen and thus maybe more likely to look at the ads you have on the website. It is a win win for us both. That is not all we can do with images.

We can make them black and white or make the images load up in a new page with a lot of pop up ads. Your users would love the fact they can see a slightly bigger image with millions of pop up ads telling them their penis is not big enough, credit cards with NO credit check or some Nigerian business man died and his lawyer needs to send YOU money for no reason but all you have to do is pay a little bit upfront.

No really they will thank you SO much I even got a reply from a member of Tweaked for your Pleasure who trialed this idea out and here is what he had to say !

Mr. John Doe

Dear Snat,

I was trying to view an image on your website called “The largest lol in the world” and of course I clicked the image which took me to a page which kept giving me so much useful information in pop ups so I did not even have to click !

I first got told about a wonderful credit card offer and in this day and age, I took it in second and then noticed that somehow my long lost friend who lived is a Nigerian for some reason wanted to send me money so I used the credit card. Although it took a few days, he replied back saying the money never got to him so I kept trying.

However it then told me my penis was so small and thanks to your website I never noticed that before. So I got some pills and now I am in hospital because my wife saw me cheating on her.

Thanks Snat !!!

– Mr John Doe

So remember to make those images smaller, you will be doing EVERYONE a favor.


Everyone love videos and would like to add them to our websites but with bandwidth prices so high so the next best thing is to off load them else where but remember these tips.

First is to make sure the video is as small as possible. So while we can offer HD videos, we best stick to 120×60 so that the videos are tiny enough to save the video provider bandwidth. This size is perfectly fine as when in full screen you will not be able to tell the difference to HD.

Now when it comes to video provider, think very careful. YouTube while it is good will use a lot of bandwidth so use one of those China video providers with shit loads of porn ads and mega slow upload as your members will thank you while they are waiting to watch this video at work.

So those are the two tips I have for you today so come back later and I may post more depending on my bandwidth usage.



Image: Francesco Marino /

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