Microwave Food: The Week Experiment

A week or so back I did some recording with the help of Wrights Productions and a comment came up that if the owner was left to his own devices he will live purely of take away and microwave food. Now the reason for this is simply because he is very lazy and would prefer not to cook (if he can) but it got me thinking – what would it be like to actually live only eating microwave food.

Now really I should do this for a month but seeing I am lazy and prefer cooking a good meal, I am doing this for only a week and below are the results. This article will update daily. Should note I may pull this earlier if I decide for health reasons it is not wise to carry on. Should also note if you want to read more about possible bad tasting food, do go over to my food review blog at Is it Nice?.

Monday ~ 2013/04/22

Day 1: The Burger and Chips So today we start. I figured to start all this off I would not get a set meal to eat today but rather get a bunch of different “microwaveable” food and seeing I am doing this “on the cheap”, I am also throwing in a cheap drink and not my typical Irn Bru.

As you can see on the right hand side we have a Ruster Burger that cost a quid from Morrison. Next we have some McCain’s micro chips and seeing I do not mind McCain’s chips at all I figured it should taste alright. Next up I have an orange looking drink.

So after three minutes of microwaving my food was finally ready …. and the chips was completely cold. So after whacking them in for another two minutes it still was not ready. So accepting my microwave has zipped its last food I went to check the burger which was piping hot.

Regardless I finally got the chips warm enough to eat and it did not occur to me then but I forgot to take a picture of what it looked like at the end but I am sure you can imagine it did not look that much different.

Taste wise though it was not bad. We will see if within a few days I still have the same opinion. I should note the microwave chips was barely anything and came to about 10 if you was lucky and should have fries to go.

Tuesday ~ 2013/04/23

So today was the same as yesterday with a few minor detail. The first was I decided one pack of those microwave chips was not enough so I had two. Rather than the orange drink I instead had a can of Irn Bru. Not including the Irn Bru as I always drink it, I have noticed a slight lack of energy and will already so time will tell yet.

Tomorrow I will try a more common pre made microwave meal – will decide tomorrow what though.

Need to reference?

Ellis, M. (2013). Microwave Food: The Week Experiment. [online] Snat's Narratives & Tales. Available at: https://snat.co.uk/others/microwave-food-the-week-experiment.html [Accessed 11 Dec 2023].

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I have tried the Rustlers Texan Burger before. Whatever you do, DO NOT try the sauce.

Really bad…



What did you hate about it.


Just had a really bad tangy taste to it, and way too spicy for me anyway.


Ah right. Didn’t try it in the end.


I like the Rib with BBQ sauce


… ya you nicked it from me.