Phasmophobia: My Review

You may have noticed that over the last few months, I have not been releasing Playing Games with Snat there are a couple of reasons why I am going to be relaunching the series on a different channel but one of the reasons of late is I do not enjoy gaming as much as I used too but Phasmophobia … is interesting.

Phasmophobia explains itself pretty much in its name but the idea of the game is to go ghost hunting and collect evidence to figure out the type of ghost and then do a few objectives and get out there all without being murdered by the ghost.

To discover the evidence you use equipment that you have to buy. You got a standard book which you try to get the ghost to write in, a spirit box that allows you to speak to some ghosts, remote cameras and much more. You also have other equipment that allows you to protect yourself, make money or complete other objectives.

So far sounds simple right? You would be right, it is as finding the room the ghost loves hanging around in isn’t that hard but I find the best experience is more to do with who you are playing with and I will get further into this in the review.

With this understanding, you can imagine the environment. The areas you are exploring and investigating range from simple houses to run-down large buildings such as a school where all you hear is the building itself slowly around you. The sounds you hear are carefully planned and could be the building itself, your teammates or the ghost moving around the building.

This is now where we talk about sanity. Sanity is a stat that slowly goes around the more you would be afraid so standing in the dark, a ghost suddenly appears in front of you or when it whispers in your ear will make your sanity go down which makes the ghost start hunting the group more often. Hunt is a feature in the game where the ghost tries to kill you and you have to hide or if brave enough run away.

This is now where I am going to get back to my teammates. So the game can be played solo but you can also play as a group of four people and I have been playing Phasmophobiais where the main enjoyment comes from. As a player along with one other person in the group I play with, I am happy to run right in there annoying the ghost, use the spirit box in the dark and overall do everything I can to get it to spawn and even hunt us but the rest in the group are mostly caution with two being outright afraid and sometimes refuse to get out of the van.

It is this feeling of your teammates being worried that I do enjoy the game and I do spend quite a lot of my time trying to provoke the ghost to get a reaction but I would hate to play it in the public lobby and my review may be different due to it.

Would I recommend the game? This depends on why you want to play it. If ghost stuff makes you afraid it’s going to be enjoyable if you like being scared. If you are like me who is more than willing to meet the ghost in person trying to get a photo for reasons that makes no sense, toss items out of a room to piss it off or even run around yelling its name you likely will enjoy it when playing with others rather than the overall effect.

Overall I like the game. The background sound is amazing for the atmosphere, the environments themselves are lovely and fitting to look at and if it releases new content in future it is something I can see playing when you want to just play something for a short bit.

I would recommend buying it. It’s about £10 on Steam and any fans of Tweaked for your Pleasure would love to give it a try to just give me a ping – would be more than happy to piss that ghost off for you!

Overall for the number of times I have played this game, I give it the following.

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

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Get ready for a spine-chilling experience with Phasmophobia, a ghost-hunting game that will keep you on the edge of your seat and your sanity in check.

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