For those wondering about the person behind Tweaked for your Pleasure – I am a blogger who started this website many years ago as a way to help improve my English and a place to also be able to write about random stuff that annoys me and surprisingly the website is still alive today.

Below are a list of common questions I have been asked over the years.

1. What is your name

My name is Matthew Terra Ellis and online I go by the name Snat for many years. I am also fine with the name Mattea or a shorten version of both names – Matt.

2. When did the website start?

Tweaked for your Pleasure (or Snat’s Blog as it was called then) was started in the year 2002 using the subdomain snat.cjb.net which is still live to this very day. It was hosted using a free web host I sadly can no longer remember its name and first used static HTML and then a short while later was changed to use CuteNews using the same HTML template. However, it got cracked in the year 2005 at which point I then installed WordPress on my own personal servers. At this time, no data was restored and the website was re-opened as Snat’s Blog, then Snat’s and Feritt Blog then M.Ellis and Friends and then ultimately just went back to just updated by me and then called Tweaked for your Pleasure.

I did one day find my old CuteNews database and fixed the issue that caused it to become corrupted and I did restore it online but I brought the archive website back offline as I felt it no longer sorted its intended purpose.

3. Do you think anyone inspired you to write?

Well in a way, yes. While I did originally start the website by myself and writing whatever came to mind, within the year 2007 onward, I would say the writings of Maddox (George Ouzounian) has helped me focus more on what I actually want to write about rather then just writing random stuff that appeared in my mind.

Visit The Best Page in the Universe, Maddox’s website.

4. Are you the owner of terra.me.uk?

I am indeed. If you got a problem with any website hosted on a subdomain of terra.me.uk you will need to contact Josh over at Afraid.org so the subdomain can be removed or whatever problem you may have.

I am UNABLE to remove any subdomain on that domain and it is open for public usage.

5. Are you affiliated with the Universal Life Church?

We only believe in that which is righ

We only believe in that which is right

I am an ordained minister in the United States ONLY via the Universal Life Church in Modesto. This has no legal standing in the United Kingdom as to be an ordained minister it has to be done via the Church of England.

While I do have my own religious beliefs – I do follow the core of what the Universal Life Church believes in where you can believe and do whatever you wish as long as it does not negatively affect anyone else or their rights to their beliefs.

6. Not to sound rude but I heard you used to give away free money?

You may be talking about this page: Free Fiver.

7. Wasn’t there a Hebrew version of this website?

There use to be a version of Tweaked for your Pleasure but I felt my written Hebrew lacked when it came to writing in the same style as the English version so I took it offline, I am planning to bring it back soon as it gives me a chance to practice once again.

8. How much does it cost to run Tweaked for your Pleasure?

For a single year, excluding domain renewal, it cost $444 a year to run so $37 a month! If it was’t due to WordPress.com charging to add a domain I would have likely jumped over to it. The VPS that runs this website however does run a few other websites.