For those wondering about the person behind Tweaked for your Pleasure – I am a blogger who started this website many years ago as a way to help improve my English and a place to also be able to write about random stuff that annoys me and surprisingly the website is still alive today.

Below is a list of common questions I have been asked over the years.

1. What is your name

Depending on what social circle you know me from it is either Snat, Matthew or Kyle. My full name is Matthew Terra Ellis or Kyle ben Avraham Avinu but I am happy for you to use Matthew, Mattea, Kyle or Kyla depending on which you feel better suits me. I am also fine with the shortened version of Matt or Kye or my middle name Terra.

Overall I do not care which name you use, I respond to them all.

2. When did the website start?

Tweaked for your Pleasure (or Snat’s Blog as it was called then) was started in the year 2002 using the subdomain snat.cjb.net. It was hosted using a free web host I sadly can no longer remember its name and first used static HTML and then a short while later was changed to use CuteNews using the same HTML template. However, it got defaced in the year 2005 at which point I then installed WordPress on my servers and couldn’t figure out how to transfer the data over.

At this time, no data was restored and the website was re-opened as Snat’s Blog, then Snat’s and Feritt Blog then M.Ellis and Friends and then ultimately just went back to just updated by me and then called Tweaked for your Pleasure.

I did one day find my old CuteNews database and fixed the issue that caused it to become corrupted I did restore it online but I brought the archive website back offline as I felt it no longer sorted its intended purpose.

3. Do you think anyone inspired you to write?

Well in a way, yes. While I did originally start the website by myself and writing whatever came to mind, within the year 2007 onward, I would say the writings of Maddox (George Ouzounian) has helped me focus more on what I want to write about rather than just writing random stuff that appeared in my mind.

Visit The Best Page in the Universe, Maddox’s website.

4. Are you the owner of terra.me.uk?

I am the owner of terra.me.uk. If you got a problem with any website hosted on a subdomain of terra.me.uk you will need to contact Josh over at Afraid.org so the subdomain can be removed or whatever problem you may have.

I am UNABLE to remove any subdomain on that domain and it is open for public usage.

5. Why are you okay with the name Mattea? Is that the female version and if so are you transgender?

No, I am not transgender but I don’t believe a name in itself defines who someone is. The name I go by is Matthew but many people believe I am quite feminine or have no problem with feminine things and if they prefer to go by Mattea (the female version of Matthew) I am fine with that – I am who I am.

Which name do I prefer? I don’t care. I go by the name Matthew and if you see me as a male then Matthew is fine but if you think I am quite feminine, then Mattea is fine. You can also call me Matityahu as I do go by that name as well.

If you think you are going to offend me using one of them or dunno what is the correct name for stuff nowadays then use Matt or Matty which is typically gender-neutral. Honestly, however, I do not care which one you use – I do think “gender” isn’t defined purely as male or female but rather just do the stuff you enjoy doing.

This goes the same for the name Kyle.

6. Not to sound rude but I heard you used to give away free money?

You may be talking about this page: Free Fiver.

7. Wasn’t there a Hebrew version of this website?

There used to be a version of Tweaked for your Pleasure but I felt my written Hebrew lacking when it came to writing in the same style as the English version so I took it offline, I am planning to bring it back soon as it gives me a chance to practice once again.

8. How much does it cost to run Tweaked for your Pleasure?

The website itself is hosted on a Virtual Private Server that cost £8 a month at IntoVPS. The domain itself cost £5 to renew so a total of £101 a year. I am tempted to see if I can run this website on a free host one day by using WordPress to create static files which are then uploaded to many free hosts with round-robin DNS (you can read about it here: Hosting a blog as pure HTML).

9. Is the whole name thing the reason you use M.Terra?

It is, yes. While I go by the name Matthew (although I tend to use the name Matt more nowadays), I changed my middle name to Terra for a few reasons with one of them being it is gender-neutral. I do not go by the name Terra however although if you wish to call me that feel free to do so but I do not use it myself.

10. I was on Discord once and I heard you call yourself Pat. What is that about?

My bad there but that was a force of habit. I play an MMO known as Final Fantasy XIV and my avatar is known as Patricia Nirvana on Discord, I am used to being called Pat and now and then this slips out.

11. Why do some posts have missing images or only small ones?

In around 2003 or 2004 I used Windows Live Writer to manage my websites and for some reason, the upload feature to WordPress did not work for me so it was set up instead to upload to a subdomain images.snat.co.uk via FTP and link it.

Sadly due to a massive hosting issue, I lost images.snat.co.uk and to this day I haven’t been able to restore them. Some images I have replaced with a low-resolution version that WordPress did have but I will either one day find them, remake them or in some cases, I have deleted the rant.

12. Why do you speak funny and wave your arms around a lot?

This is a question I often get on YouTube and it sucks to hear this a lot. The reason I “sound funny” is when I was a child during my English speaking learning days I was deaf until I had treatment (and still am deaf in one ear). I simply never learnt how to speak English correctly – nothing more, nothing less.

The arm-waving is because I was used to pointing at things and some form of sign language and it is a habit I never broke out off.

13. When will you finish your Final Fantasy VI Advance let’s play?

Never. I have always assumed lately that Final Fantasy VI Advance will use every single version of my Playing Games with Snat introductions and finishing the game means I won’t be able to do that. Truthfully though I can not find the save data I used for it and I am not going to re-do the whole game as I did for Final Fantasy XIII just so I can finish Dragon’s Den.

Changing my answer above I have located my save file and as of updating this page I have finished Dragon’s Den as far as I am concerned the let’s play is over although I may do the Omega Weapon battle and Soul Shrine.

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Ellis, M (2011) FAQ. [online] Tweaked for your Pleasure. Available at: https://snat.co.uk/faq [Accessed 16 May 2022]

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