The Dictator: My Review

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Buy The Dictator on Amazon 

For anyone that has a Netflix account you will know how easy it is to get lost in an endless amount of films and TV series so expect quite a few reviews to come out – although I am looking to change how these emails are sent out for those that ain’t interested in reviews.

Anyhow, this review is about The Dictator which is a comedy about a brutal Dictator of an eastern African country called Wadiya who is your typical sexist, anti-western and antisemitic leader who want to develop nuclear weapons to wipe out Israel … although he isn’t really good at doing anything and has an uncle that wants to kill him. 

Overall the story is pretty good – its your typical someone wants to bump off the leader so they can take over and do some stuff and this film is the same but it does it quite well as an overall story arc. Most of the story is about the dictator and his romantic feelings between someone he ends up working with during his time in the United States.

The humor in the film relies a lot on insults, racism, and other non-political correct content but it does take a fair jab at everyone and everything but it doesn’t seem to be done simply for insulting people but rather developing the character

The actors themselves play their roles perfectly to what I have seen and relies on a short set of supporting cast that is used to relay the jokes and ultimately to push the story on when needed. With that said some of the people in the film was quite one sided which can be off-putting such early on within the film.

I suppose the real question about this film was if it was funny and to me I quite enjoyed the film and found a lot of it quite funny and very little of the jokes out of place but I imagine most people that enjoy reading this website will enjoy the film and will have quite a lot of laughs of it.

Overall Score: 8/10

Snat’s Score

Plot: 9/10 – Acting: 8/10 – Humor: 9/10 – Story: 6/10 – Re-watchable: Yes

Need to reference?

Ellis, M. (2016). The Dictator: My Review. [online] Snat's Narratives & Tales. Available at: [Accessed 29 Nov 2023].

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