Why its important to learn

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Lazy Learners.”

Totally not sitting on a table.
Totally not sitting on a table.

So I was reading the Daily Prompt earlier this morning after finding it on a website I read quite often (am hoping to update Tweaked for your Pleasure quite a bit more) and saw something that caught my eye – being lazy about learning. 

Its kinda funny as it’s the reason one of the planned video series I was going to bring out on Playing Games with Snat which was about exploring glitches that exist in games and what you can do with it. So an example I had in mind was exploring a game like Final Fantasy VI (which would have been the first one) and then show all the known glitches in it and how you can abuse it in both to break your game and for benefits when it comes to playing it.

Now you might wonder why this relates to the question but I mostly been too lazy (and busy) to learn how to make animations using Magix Movie Edit Professional to remake the current Playing Games with Snat so that it looks all “glitchy” such as pixels randomly disappearing, text randomly moving etc during the introduction.

I am sure of you that read Tweaked for your Pleasure a bit might think why I simply do not ask Adam if he could make me such an introduction (after all he did make the Playing Games with Snat one) but there is two reasons for it.

  1. It takes time to do it – something I would rather not ask from people.
  2. It makes me RELY on other people doing things for me.

Now the first point I sure its easy enough to understand but the second one is ultimately why I want to learn it myself. Imagine in a few months I decide I want to make another video series and I want to make sure its up to the same standard (ha!) as my other videos, it would mean I would have to rely on Adam making the introduction again and while I am sure he would if he could it holds me up from being able to do what I want.

This is why I always held the belief its important to make sure you learn new skills as it opens you up to being able to do a lot more things at your own pace and from that being able to develop and learn even more stuff which again allows you to do other stuff that you always wanted to do when you want.

So on a serious note – if there is anything you ever wanted to do then go out and learn how to do it and just get on with it. And before you ask am I going to start working on Glitching Games with Snat … maybe.

For those wondering – Playing Games with Snat WILL be back this Wednesday and will be carrying on with the current series!<

Need to reference?

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