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For over eight years now I have enjoyed posting many different articles, documents and many more on the World Wide Web and it is quite amazing to see not everyone even does this (other than not wanting to, of course).

I was reading an article someone wrote today, an article that actually made me think about a few things which I already knew but in ways just could not be bothered with.

For many, many months now I have always wanted to update Tweaked for your Pleasure once a week. There is “always” something I can write about weekly but yet I do not. There is always that little bit of time on the bus, trains that I often have now and then in which I could use to write but I end up not doing so. I have always wanted to want to make sure all articles on Tweaked for your Pleasure was over 500 words and something you would enjoy reading each week.

Sure there are times a word count is not possible but heck updating weekly is something I could aim for but more importantly, what does it mean to you. Well it means nothing to you lot other than hopefully an update each week.

But this article does not end here. While I am going to set this challenge to myself with updating each week – I am going to set the same to all those that might also own blogs.

My challenge is simple. For all those that owns a blog or ones that want to start writing a blog, I am challenging you to update your blog just once a week on any day you pick. It is that simple. You just write about anything once a week like I plan to do on Tweaked for your Pleasure. Some ideas you could blog about is how your week went, something from Plinky or rant about something like I plan to do.

Oh, did I just hear what will the prize be ?

Well there will be no physical prize. The prize is only that you have been able to do something you set out to do such as in this example – blogging. By slowly breaking the habit of not doing so, you will slowly improve yourself in other areas. Maybe you always want to ride a bike to work but you never been bothered to do so – this may help you.

There will be a physical prize for a community voted best article for bloggers who are taking up this challenge. The best community voted article from now to the New Year will win the first up and coming new Tweaked for your Pleasure T-Shirts (signed shirt from me) made by sweetshop dolphin workers from under the sea.

It is about time they did something useful. However there is a catch to win this prize. You need to update at least once a week from now to the New Year before your blog will be put forward to the community to vote.



… GO

Further Information

If you are looking for a place to host a blog, look at the two links below.

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