I would rather not drink acid …

Pepsi RawThis is going to be something you will rarely read on Tweaked for your Pleasure but I am going to take back what I wrote in my article called I would rather drink acid. As I am sure you know but a few months ago, in June to be exact, I tried a drink known as Pepsi Raw and it was the worst drink I have ever had.

I mostly stand by that comment but with a slight change. When I had it originally it I brought it from a store called B&M Bargains and it in a can and I drank it at the bus stop in the same town I got the drink from.

And honestly it sucked, tasted shit and I would have honestly rather have drunk acid which I am sure some people may have noticed by the play on the title that Pepsi is acidic and thus would have rather drank a Pepsi compared to a Pepsi Raw.

However gather around, it is story time and Uncle Snat is here to tell you a story – but not in that creepy random “Uncle” that comes to your room every night.

About two weeks ago I saw B&M Bargains was once again selling Pepsi Raw but this time it was in a bottom pack of four and was only selling for a pound. So seeing it was going for a pound, I decided to buy two as I did want to do a follow-up on the I would rather drink acid article and do it as a Snat’s vBlog. The idea of the review was to experiment with it a little and messing about with it. Then I was going to follow-up with a shot of me showing how crap it is.

But here is the twist in the story. When I came to drink one of the bottles to see what it was, it just tasted different. The Pepsi Raw I drank from the bottle was different to the Pepsi Raw I had from that can originally. Now I am not a big fan of Pepsi but Pepsi Raw (from the bottle anyway) did actually taste quite nice and tasted quite a lot like coffee.

So it got me wondered if this is one of those cases where drinks either taste better in a bottle or a can. Giving that in a bottle, CO2 will leak out at a faster rate than within an aluminum can. Or could it be a case where the can version did not taste as well due to can that the metal that makes the can is slowly eaten away and ultimately affects the favor of the drink inside. Or could it be that glass bottles are more flavor natural while can do not.

Regardless of the reason, the Pepsi Raw from the glass bottles is actually quite nice. Currently the canned version is not worth the 30p that I originally paid.

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Ellis, M (2010) I would rather not drink acid …. [online] Tweaked for your Pleasure. Available at: https://snat.co.uk/rants/i-would-rather-not-drink-acid.html [Accessed 16 May 2022]

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