Man of Steel: My Review

The Man of Steel
The Man of Steel

So finally Superman has a reboot like Batman did and to sum it up in a few words – if you are a fan of Superman I would recommend to go and watch it.

The Man of Steel is the reboot of Superman who is an alien that comes from a planet called Krypton just before it blows up and ultimately ends up on Earth after being sent there by his parents.

With the Man of Steel reboot we get to see more of “Clark” then we do of “Superman”. What I mean is this film is not about Superman going around punching everything but rather seeing Clark as he focuses on what it is to be human and should you do the right thing or not – something that people can actually relate too.

So lets get into two different things in this review that people will want to know; the story and the action.


Whoops I did.
Don’t worry mates, I can’t break out of these.

When I first heard about a Superman reboot I was not interested as the past movies to me bordered on “meh” to “why bother” but when I learnt that the Man of Steel is focusing on the DC comics and not the last few movies I started to become interested and at least to me they delivered it very well.

Possibly spoiler time but the story is based on a “man” called Clark Kent / Kal-El who is an alien from a very hostile planet called Krypton. Unlike everyone else on Krypton, he was born naturally and his father steals something (not spoiling any further) and pisses off General Zod whom many years later gets pissed off with Clark, attacks Earth and an epic small Krypton army v.s. the United States Army (because for some reason, an alien attack would not get help any other country involved).

The rest of the story focuses on Clark becoming who he is and learning about being human and all that and then having to pick a side and while this may sound crap in writing, it is actually very interesting as long as you are simply not expecting Clark to beat everyone up.

There is some parts though I did not like such as how he “became Superman” by pretty much turning up to a place randomly with no hints at all on how he got there. Then there was a few issues with jumping around and much like the Dark Knight series it took ages to get into the core parts but in a way it needed that.


Fuck the yellow sun, give me a dragon to fly around on.
I ride a fucking dragon – action enough?

I would imagine people who reads the Superman comics will read them for the fighting and I would have to say it delivers on that although it will not be to everyone’s taste as it changed more to a Dragonball Z style fighting than Superman just punching everyone.

Getting off the fighting the film does indeed have a few very good action scenes although they are far between each other (pretty much the start and the later half of the movie) but while they are rare they are worth the wait (depends if you are sitting on a chair that is owner than the country itself).

One thing I will state is unless you know the history of Superman and how the Kryptonians powers work, you may spend the first part of the movie going why the fuck do they not fly around everywhere and why the fuck does half the Kryptonians in the movie never seem to have used their powers before. Well the answer to that is they lived under a Red Star which does not give them their powers while Clark lives under a Yellow Sun which gives him his powers which I think was explained at some point by Zod.


Well I could carry on the review by talking about special effects, the music but really it is a Hollywood movie so you can expect that to be good. If you are looking for a good reboot of Superman that isn’t just him beating everyone up then this is the reboot for you.

If you are looking for a whole bunch of Kryptonians walking around which looks like the Enclave’s power armour from Fallout 3 then this is the film for you.

And that’s my review. Go and see it if you like Superman, screw what the critics are saying about it and go and just enjoy a film. On a side note I am annoyed at Reel Cinema for showing adverts in a 12+ film about how great it is to join the army but that is an article for another day.

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So finally Superman has a reboot like Batman did and to sum it up in a few words – if you are a fan of Superman I would recommend to go and watch it. The Man of Steel is the reboot of Superman who is an alien that comes from a planet called Krypton just ... Read more

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  1. Bloody brilliant film and excellent review.

    i do agree with most of this review. This review does highlight some parts on that you do need to know about superman dc comics to understand on which direction the director is coming from.


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