It is only 80p

Snat and the delivery man. Snat looks confused with the delivery man saying "and?"

It is sad how often I will order a takeaway and something will be missing. Sometimes it will be some chicken that is missing, a bottle or drink or even something as simple as missing cheese which is something that pisses me off.

I placed an order at the one single takeaway that delivers to where I live and as normal I ordered some food one of them being cheese and chips. I do not need to tell you that cheese and chips are one of my favourite foods but for some reason, the place I order at will often miss putting the cheese on the chips and regardless of how often I complain about it nothing changes. This time I decided to ring up and the following happened.

Snat: Hey, I have a problem with my order.

Staff: What is the problem?

Snat: The cheese is missing on the chips again. This is about the fifith time now.

Staff: and?

Snat: … er? So, can I get the cheese then?

Staff: You want us to send out a delivery driver for just cheese?

Snat: No, I want a refund on the cheese that I didn’t get.

Staff: It is only 80p.


I am not going to discuss how I haven’t gotten any refund on past items but focus on the one bit which is “and?”. Seriously, do people think that is a good response to give? It is easy to say it is “only 80p” but when you think that is five times within the last two months that is £4 already and that is not including other items that are often missing.

I do not think it is unreasonable when it comes to takeaway expectations that if an item is missing you either get the item or you get refunded for what is missing. The company shouldn’t be able to keep the money for missing stuff and then get pissy when people ask for a refund. In general, people only expect three things from a takeaway place and that is:

  • Reasonable cost
  • Reasonable delivery
  • Every fucking item is there

I don’t think it is unreasonable to expect the cheese to be refunded (even if it ends up costing the business fees – that’s their issue) as it isn’t that reasonable to expect the business to send out just cheese. It is sad as it is the only takeaway nearby that delivers here but after that reply, I am no longer ordering from them and with how often I order out they will lose about £243 a month from me just because they keep missing parts of my order.

It just pisses me off that there are businesses out there that will hound you even if you are a few pennies below the cost and yet will carry out so much mental reasoning just to avoid admitting a mistake and providing a refund.

But hey don’t worry, it is only 80p.

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