Is a tablet really worth it?

TFYP on an iPad

TFYP on an iPad

Tablet PCs are a very funny thing, they have been around for so long and no one seen a point in it but suddenly when the Apple iPad was released that everyone suddenly finds a use for it but honestly is it any good?

Well being one to always hoard new technical stuff that when it first came out “main stream”, I got myself a cheap Android tablet and while they was fine for a couple of things they basically sucked. While that put me off tablet PCs for ages, within the last few months I got myself a more “high-end” Android tablet which is what this article is based on.

While I owe a desktop (PC & Mac), I am a massive laptop user as in unless I actually have a reason to use my desktop (such as video editing) I always tend to use my laptop. So after a few months of using a tablet am I able to say that I have completely stopped using my laptop?

Well no, I am writing this article on my laptop which basically shows you what I think about tablets and doing anything. While I do use the tablet for browsing the World Wide Web, checking email and IM at times, I simply default back to my laptop when I need to get something done. While a tablet can have a keyboard added to it (when I first got my tablet, I right away added a 7″ keyboard case but do be careful, the design of that case is flawed (as it will NOT stop it from sliding out) it just does not feel as natural as typing on my laptop.

Now what I use my tablet for which is ultimately as a second screen for when I am using either my laptop or PC. By second screen what I mean is when I use my laptop on my desk, I have my tablet on a table stand which clams to the desk which allows me to easily all my emails and IM messages on my tablet and if there is anything important, either reply to them on my laptop or use the tablet which is connected to my keyboard via a USB KVM switch.

So overall what do I think about a tablet?

Well a tablet is great for replacing common things you do in the house such as browsing a website, checking emails and replying to the odd one but beyond that – it just ends up being a place I can check all my emails on while I am using my laptop to do things and oh, the battery life on a tablet is very good – hell even the Chinese cheap ones are. Now hybrid laptops, now that is a different ball game which I am not getting onto in this article.

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