Funny thing about sleeping

Surprisingly gets harder to sleep.
Surprisingly gets harder to sleep.

It’s a common fact that the more times you do something you slowly get better at doing those things when you gain more experience but sleeping is one of those things that oddly does not work out like that.

When you think about it when you are in your youth you easily sleep just about anywhere you want and when you want but as you grow older sleeping becomes a much harder thing to do.

With most things in life, the more times you repeat something and practice you end up getting better at it but sleeping is one of those things you need to go out of your way to physically alter many things like diet, lighting and other “sleep health” stuff just so you can get more restful sleep where otherwise other things would just improve over time.

Although I suppose it’s worth saying that if you are reading this and having a problem sleeping there are a couple of things you can do such as having a dark room, going to sleep at the same time each day and just using your bed to sleep. I could also comment on dieting and exercising but I imagine if you got sleep problems you already looked it up online.

But for everyone else, I’m sure you can remember a time when you used to sleep easily and then other times when you just could not sleep at all for some reason. But while I might joke around a bit on this website but seriously we spend over a third of our lives sleeping and we never get better at it in theory.

Get a grip on sleeping and let us get better with the practice already.

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