Superman V Batman: My Review

This review has spoilers – seriously do not moan about it if you read this.

The important peeps in the Justice League!
The important peeps in the Justice League!

I have finally had the chance to see the new Superman V Batman movie and while I do feel the movie was not bad and was an interesting watch I can not help but feel there was a couple of things that really annoyed it for me and ONE major thing that killed the movie for me – Lex.

So the plot is pretty simple which resolves around Bruce (Batman) feeling that Superman (Clark Kent) is an all too powerful creäture from outer space that even if there is a slight chance of Superman turning against people who it might be taken he will do and thus must be dealt with. At the same time Lex feels the same and tries to get a weapon created so that he kill Superman and other aliens that come down one day.

And well Wonder Woman and other meta humans are thrown in there somewhere and I’m pretty sure you already guessed but at one point Superman and Batman bro-hug each other and fight against Lex who has a final ace. Now the actors playing each role was believable and Ben did play Batman insanely well (he played a very good Bruce Wayne) but we now get into the main problem and that was the one that played Lex.

Lex … was horrible. He was like some playboy millionaire that got lucky during the Dot Com era and felt he needed to do something with his life and thought “LOL lets kill Superman”. During the thing he just wouldn’t stop talking and moaning while I understand the idea of the plot was for him to believe he was saving people and no where did he came across like a bad guy. If I was to have directed this movie I would have had a Lex like from Smallville which actually SEEMS to be a clever person who trying to save the world as a mission in life and not just a kid looking for something to do.

Don't expect anything like this.
Don’t expect anything like this.

The second problem although it goes with the problem with Lex but there was no real villain as they seemed to rely on making both Superman and Batman both looking like the good or bad guys depending in which side you agreed on but with them finally coming together (which everyone knew would happen) you was left with Lex who did not seem to have an idea what was going on at all and playing it by ear and Doomsday which fair point he kept mostly true to what he is but he still wasn’t a bad guy in the sense of the plot.

So overall if you are looking for a film where people beat each other up than you will enjoy this. If you are looking for a film with a good plot you will enjoy this but if you are looking for a film with conflict then you will barely find anything – everything happens within 10 minutes of each other between Superman and Batman and then you are left with a “bad guy” who seems to be in the wrong film.

Overall I would go and watch it but keep an eye out for the plot – a blink can miss it!

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Wild Cat

lol…. this “movie” sounds quite dumb……. why even waste money in making it 😀


Ah well quite a lot of people do enjoy watching these types of movies and it did bring in a massive amount of money so its worth making 😉