I would rather drink acid …

Pepsi Raw

So the other day I was in town and only had a small amount of change on me and I really wanted a drink. Going into a new store that opened up, I saw they were selling Pepsi’s at 45p, 15p more than what I had in change. It was then I notice something else I have never seen before – Pepsi Raw.

Thinking that it would be a cheap version of Pepsi and would taste something like Pepsi Max but I could have not been more wrong. The drink itself is some “natural” only product and tastes a lot like that ginger drink not many people actually like.

Now when I read up about it everyone kept saying how it tastes just like Pepsi but with a natural taste but I ask you this, how the hell can it taste like Pepsi but with a “natural” feel?

That is just like me saying that drinking acid is just like drinking water but with an “unnatural” feel. But anyway, many kept saying about how it tastes like Pepsi but to me that it tastes NOTHING like that and even now if I am going to need a drink I will be sure that if the only two options were acid and Pepsi Raw that I will take my chance with acid.

The only thing left to say about Pepsi Raw – is Yuck!

Need to reference?

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