Do Not Type Like This

So I Randomly Got Sent A Message Over MSN That Was Meant To Close And Stop Working Over A Week Ago When We Started Typing Like This And Fuck It Is Annoying To Read, Slow To Type And Overall A Pointless Exercise To Even Bother With As My Friend Would Put It.

I Am Sure You Have Seen Online On Some Forum Or Blog With People Doing This But I Do Not Get Why. Are People Just That Lazy (well Actually It Took Me More Effort To Do This Than To Type Normally) Or Are They Germans Learning English And Do Not Understand We Don’t Need To Capitalise Nouns?

Or Is It Because These People Have It Setup On Their Phones To Do This By Default So They Can Follow A Crowd That Makes It Cool To Be Different Because, You Know, Doing The Same As Everyone Else Makes You Completely Different. From Having A Look Around On The World Wide Web Some People Are Saying It Looks Cleaner But What The Hell – There Is A Very Good Reason We Have Language Standards. You Should Only Capitalise Names Of People, Places And If Needed For Anything Like Mathematics Formulas Et Cetera.

Another Reason I Found Online That People Are Commonly Saying Is That It “Hypnotise” The Reader. So Lets Test That Theory As I Believe It Is Complete Bullshit.

Send All Your Money To The Dolphin On The Right That Is Asking For Donations. Go And Do It And Prove Me Wrong.

Typing Like This Is Very Annoying To Read – I Am Sure You May Be Having Some Issues Right Now Reading This And I Do Not Blame You But We Now Got To Decide On How To Stop This. Seeing It Is Not Yet Legal To Punch Someone In The Face And Not Yet Technically Possible Over The Internet Yet We Need To Come Up With Some Ideas.

So If You Got An Idea How To Stop Someone Typing Like This Post Them In The Comments. We Are Looking For Methods That Will Work Well And Where Possible Involves Hurting The Writer As Much As Hurting The Person Reading.

On A Side Note After The Deadline Found No Problems With This Article.

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Ellis, M (2013) Do Not Type Like This. [online] Tweaked for your Pleasure. Available at: [Accessed 20 May 2022]

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